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By the Grace of God, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso was released to pass on the LORD’s message to His People and he had this to say:

“Good morning believers in the name of Christ Jesus. When it comes to faith, we wait till the right time. Now that the LORD has released me, I believe it is the right time. You are welcome.

Allow me share with you something small from the WORD of God. As believers, we are supposed to take care of others. However, the more you reject people near you from your family or community; it will be the source of your disappointments in life. Reason being, you lack the seed of love.

The people around you are your blessings and are set before you to minister to them in the name of Christ Jesus. When they receive satisfaction, God will manifest more in your life because you are His chosen channel. When God wants to bless a certain family or community, He will use you because He trusts you.

Believers, it is easy to serve God; but today ministers and Christians are pushing it very hard, yet they do not have to, because their calling pushes them automatically.

Our biggest problem is being selfish and self centered. Often times, we go in our rooms to pray and are never answered. It is not that God does not listen, No! We do not listen when He speaks to us.

That is why; the greatest ministry and miracle is, Love. And it is the reason why God wants to work with men who are His channels. Healing and provision will be easy if you are this man that helps others.

Proverbs 22:9 [NIV]: The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.

Proverbs 11:24-25 [NIV]: One person gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.

Galatians 6:2 [NIV]: Carry each other’s burden and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

Christ has put it right in scriptures that His Ministry is in taking care of our neighbours. Nonetheless, today we are making ourselves happy and running after miracles not having a heart of God and making Him happy.

I am emphasizing this message because it is neglected yet whatever you do, shall be done unto you.

When you help others, it will be easy for God to do it for you. In addition to this, I want to inform you that there are many ways of attracting God’s attention. You can attract Him by caring and showing love to others.

What man sows is what he will reap, so stop being a judge over others because you are not God. Did you know that a man who is quick at seeing thieves is a thief; one that sees murders is a murderer?

Work to change for the better and I encourage you, open up your heart and listen to what God is saying because He is searching for your heart. It is of no use to take your body in the presence of God when your heart is not there. How then, will God reach and touch you?

Believers, the gospel of love is true and pure; it heals, saves, blesses, restores, forgives etal and you can not duplicate it. Love your neighbour as you love yourselves.

What makes a difference is the love you have for Jesus, because the measure you love Him will attract God’s Grace and Mercy in your life. God can not send his Servants to attend to you when He does not love you. And He only speaks to a heart that is free.

In regard to loving our neighbours, love opens our hearts to talk to God. I pray you can receive this message. Those you by-pass are the people God has positioned to check your level of love for Him.

Miracles will fade but love does not. That is why, the love you show your neighbour will stay as a scar on their hearts, and they will always live to remember and thank God. Let us work upon our love stand with God by talking less and acting more. Your obligation is to change the people around you.

The reason you have not received everything you need from God is because you will wage war against Him after receiving.

All in all, I just want to let you know that if you give God your quality time, you will harvest His quality time too. Do not give God what you do not want. Our forefather Abraham gave what he loved most -his son Isaac, after hearing the LORD’s call.

So learn to emulate our forefathers. Pick from the little you depend on and share with someone. Also allow God who has started this great work in you, to finish it because, He is looking for men and women who love Him.

I believe you need this message to begin your journey to salvation. Thank you for your time. And lastly, allow your heart to think loud about how you can change your community, it is not only money that can change those in need, but even your quality time, smile to mention but a few. Do what God would have done if He was in your position.

Prayer: Have mercy on me LORD, forgive my sins and bless me in the name of Christ Jesus.”

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