During the 2018 “LET US COME BACK TO GOD” Conference, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso proclaimed that “The whole of Buikwe is going to be transformed. “ Truly as says Isaiah,55:11 that God’s Word can never return to him without accomplishing the purpose it was sent to do; so was this prophetic word from the lips of the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso.

Ms. Nabukeera Cissy and her daughter Namwembe Sumayiah of Luwombo village in Buikwe District in Central Uganda are witnesses of this power-packed, evolution and transforming word. With joy and amazement the family shared their transformation story, courtesy of Christ Jesus.

“Never did it cross my mind that when the Prophet of God Abraham Richard proclaimed transformation in Buikwe District that he meant me”; Ms. Nabukeera exclaimed delightedly. Luckily, I was one of the many that gathered for the 2018 “LET US COME BACK TO GOD GOSPEL CONFERENCE.

However, I must admit, I was just there in flesh, because deep down in my heart and spirit I was a very troubled woman.A lot was going on around me and my family and all I confessed then was that my creator (God) had abandoned me. My whole family was under demonic oppression, recurring sicknesses, chained in witchcraft, poverty, and disgrace.

It was like we had been thrown in a pit of suffering so deep that no one could reach down a hand to help us out. Toppling this list of suffering was my eldest daughter Sumayiah. She was being haunted by an evil spirit of cannibalism, which compelled her to desire eating corpse flesh.

It is not like she was born this way or that she ate any corpse flesh. This came anonymously after she had finished college .It began tormenting her with rampant headaches, loss of appetite and weight, anger, bad dreams and lack of sleep. When I got to know of this, I took her to every witchdoctor I was directed to, but in vain.

Instead, I lost every coin I ever owned on rituals and sacrifices yet my daughter was never healed. Instead this evil spirit tormented her the more that she was afraid of sleeping and never went anywhere for burial.

As if that wasn’t enough; along came my last born’s illness, by then he was aged four. He began getting habitual convulsions. These always manifested after him claiming to see some strange spiritual figures trying to strangle him. He would shout hence the convulsions. So with two of my children under demonic oppression, I was always worried, angry and in agony.

So with all this happening around me, I was barely at home. I was always moving from one witch to another in search for a solution. Sometimes, I would spend weeks and months in shrines with my children. Shrines became our second home for we had become household customers.

The witch doctors would always lie to us that someone is bewitching us, then give us various herbs and perform rituals on us all but all in vain. This is how our lives ended up wrapped in witchcraft.

Life was really hard because given the demonic oppression; our income was not reasonable or certain. We lived a very impoverish life style that we had the oldest and most ramshackled house in the village. It was a two roomed old house built of mud and reeds with very old and leaking iron sheets.

The floor was of mud and somewhere around the corner there was a capsizing ever developing anthill that we had to refill every day with hard soils, not to mention cracks and holes everywhere in the walls.

Everyone in the village laughed at us for living in such a house. We were the village scorns.  Shame became our garment, as everyone called us, “the family that lives in an old, mud, ramshackled kitchen.”

Truth be told, we had no money to buy even a new iron sheet to replace the leaking ones or build a new house. For even the little money we ever had was spent on witch doctors so as to attain so called “relief.”

However, God heard our cries of help and agony (John3:17). He sent to us His servant Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso to bring us out of this pit of torment pain and poverty. Infact, after the conference everything changed and our lives were transformed. 

First my daughter Sumayiah was prayed for prior to the conference and she was set free from the spirit of cannibalism at no cost. My youngest child too, the boy who had seizures was prayed for too, and set free from demonic oppression.

In 2020 the God of Abraham Richard took our shame and turned the curse upon us into a blessing (Nehemiah 13:2). One evening after we had prayed to the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, my fiancé and father to my children received a miracle. 

Miraculously he was paid a reasonable amount from a property he sold off. This is how he got enough money to build us a new fine house in just two months. He also bought us house furniture and home appliances that we never dreamt of owning or using. Gone is the shame, the sicknesses, the poverty and demonic oppressions, Christ took it all at the rugged tree to Calvary.

Ms. Sumayiah confirmation.

Whatever my mother has narrated is true. Life was unbearable back then before we encountered the God of Prophet Abraham Richard. When we met Him, we believed Him. We confessed our sins and accepted Jesus to be our personal Saviour. We brought forth all the witchcraft that we had collected from various witches and it was burnt.

We are demon-free and in good health. Look we now have a new house. God took us out of dust and shame and gave us a new identity. Back then I was ashamed of bringing my friends to our home because it was old and in ruins.

However, all is well the house is good with nice furniture, we now watch TV like responsible citizens. I am free from the spirit of cannibalism. Thank you Christ Jesus! Who are we to deserve all this? Thank you God of Abraham Richard for transforming our lives.  

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