Sitting by the lakeside for two hours contemplating suicide Mr. Wassuwa Stephen thoughts suddenly shifted. He wondered, “Honestly, can’t someone help me and I get healed?” That someone was there and His name is Christ Jesus and that is where Stephen’s story of transformation began.

Mr. Wassuwa in the month of January 2022 got a hand injury while playing football. When it happened, he tried to use short cuts to get quick recovery and spend less money. He went to a local herbalist who assured him that he would get fine and that he also did not need to take an X-ray.

The herbalist told Mr. Stephen that he would feel some pain at 7:00Am and 6:45 Pm every day because that was the time slated for his treatment.

After a week, the pain stopped coming at the slated time but the arm had still not recovered. Seeing that the local herbalist medication had failed, Mr. Stephen went for an X-ray. One of the things that prompted him to go for an X-ray is that he felt a broken piece of bone in his injured arm.

Things took a turn for the worst when he was taken to the orthopedic doctor after the X-ray review. Mr. Wassuwa recounts, “After reviewing my X-ray, the orthopedic doctor intently looked at me as I anxiously awaited to hear what he would say.

What he said shuttered my heart in several pieces. ‘If you do not get a surgery within one month to remove the broken piece, your arm will rot and it will be amputated,’ the orthopedic doctor told me.

I was scared, frustrated and hurt by the news because of so many reasons one of them being financial. I simply questioned myself why I had wasted my time with the local herbalist. Sadly every time I thought about my arm being amputated, I also thought of committing suicide because I could not imagine my life with no arm.”

When he had thought it all and tried to drink the sorrow away in alcohol, Mr. Stephen wondered if anyone could help him. Help indeed came from Christ Jesus in a mysterious and wonderful way.

While he had gone to watch People play football, he met someone who saw the condition he was undergoing. This good Samaritan encouraged him to go for prayers at the Prayer Mountain so that the Prophet of God can pray for him.

Mr. Wassuwa had seen and heard about Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, but he had never stepped at the Prayer Mountain. He had never even spoken to him. He thought to himself and came up with the conclusion that he would try and see what will come out of it. “If truly he would be healed by God as he had been told.” That little glimmer of hope was enough to ignite a war with satan.

Mr. Stephen recounts, “That very night, I had a dream when a cat was angrily reaching for my eyes and trying to pull them out. In the dream, I used my injured arm to pull the cat away and I physically started feeling pain. I woke up and started crying, somehow, things got even bizarre from there.

I actually tried to commit suicide, as a man, I did not want to do it, but something evil was in charge of me and prompting me to kill myself. I was even unable to call for help. Amidst all that, a voice was questioning me that, ‘Why have you gone to see the Prophet? You have no right to go and see him, we are the ones to rule you.’

I am still in this dream believers and by this time I had not yet stepped at the Prayer Mountain, I was just planning to go there. At this point, I see the Prophet of God praying for me. I heard him say that Stephen does not belong to you but Christ Jesus. It was after his prayer that I was able to get back to my normal senses.

I even stopped trying to kill myself. This was the first time something like this has ever happened to me in my entire life. This entire dream made me realize that the Prophet is indeed a Servant of God no doubt.”

Surely when darkness encounters Light, it must flee and no matter the tricks satan used at night in the dream, Mr. Wassuwa woke up a changed man. Every reservation he had about prayer was gone. 

He was determined to go for prayer. Within his heart, he knew that there was something unique at the Prayer Mountain and that it is where his arm would get healed from. He was happily and enthusiastically waiting to go to the Prayer Mountain and receive his healing. It was like a child who had been promised candy and could not wait to have it in his hands.

Psalm 86:13 [NIV]: For great is your love towards me; you have delivered me from the depths, from the realm of the dead.

Finally the long awaited day reached and Mr. Wassuwa was only waiting for one thing, for his hand to be healed and to be delivered from every evil bondage. During the deliverance session, Mr. Stephen was prayed for and every evil bondage that he was in was broken in the name of Christ Jesus. He testified that he went back home when his heart was totally free and the hand was healed.

After the prayers of the Servant of God, Mr. Wassuwa went back for another X-ray. He recounts, “This time round, when I reached, at the time of getting my results, I was very excited. I had lived a sad life for a few months. I had to take tablets every day and even though I was doing it, I still needed surgery because of the broken bone in my arm. This is what two orthopedic doctors had said to me.

I could not wait to see what was going on in my arm, behold they came and my arm was very fine. The broken piece was nowhere to be seen. I was really happy, I had to first sit down to absorb these good news.

God indeed turned my story around. When I showed my new God given results to one of the doctors, they were so shocked and asked me if I was sure it was the right arm. Indeed it was, God has worked on my arm in His great Mercy and healed me.”

Not only did the Lord Almighty heal the arm of Mr. Wassuwa Stephen, in His great Love, the other aspects of his life have also changed tremendously. Where he did not find favour in his life, it is now flowing abundantly. Where his family was disunited, it is now united for the glory of God.
All glory and honour goes back to the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!

Mr. Wassuwa Stephen’s advice: One thing is vital while in the presence of God, it is faith. When you have faith, everything is possible. Also it is our duty to spread the gospel of Light because we are healed to draw other souls to Christ Jesus. Imagine if I had not been told about this God, were would I be now? [John 4].

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  1. Surely when God comes on the scene everything changes! Glory indeed goes back to You for changing the condition of this young man.

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