Stay in Prayer:


Stay in Prayer:

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the instruction of her father in the Lord, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, Minister Prossy Nabirumbi took position at the pulpit and led the congregation into the message of the day titled, “Stay in prayer.”

With reference from the book of Luke 18:1-8: 1Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up. (NIV)

Referring to the scripture the minister said that; the reason why Jesus gave that parable was because He wanted Christians to always remain in prayer. However, this generation we have proved to be the opposite; we want to reap what we did not plant. We are too good at grumbling but too poor in prayer, we expect God to answer us without constant prayer.

 Minister Prossy emphasised that God is only pleased when we persist in prayer; this is because prayer is a sign of faith. Giving an example of the persistent widow, she said that we should keep in constant prayer like she did and we shall get an answer.

She cautioned the house that let prayer be our first love. However, even when we are at prayer, it does not mean that satan will not attack us. This is because having a seed of love will make satan attack us constantly.

Christ Jesus always next to us; however, more problems will come our way but prayer will help us overcome. Remember, whatever we are going through today is not new to Christ Jesus; He knows that we can overcome it by prayer for.

Summing up the message, she took a walk in the book of Ephesians 6:18 saying prayer should be prayer is a Christian’s best friend. If anything attacks us, prayer should be our first priority.


From the teaching, Minister Sharon Nakirijja under the instruction of her father in the Lord, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso to pray for the Body of Christ.

The Word of God says in Ephesians 6:16-18 that pray in Spirit in all occasions and keep praying for all the saints. There are Servants of God out there and satan is fighting them to fall off grace.

Child of God, begin to release every Servant of God from whatever cage they are in. Release their callings and ministries that they may run their race in truth and spirit in the name of Christ Jesus.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we pray for the release of your Servants from whatever cage they are in. Release them so that they may accomplish their race in faith and truth. We cover the Church in the blood of Christ Jesus.

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