Everything we see in the physical realm whether it is good or bad it has true origins in the Spiritual realm.  Let it also be noted that whatever happens in the physical realm, the LORD Almighty has already communicated to His chosen Servants the Prophets. From the days of Noah to the birth of our master Christ Jesus, everything is well documented in the Bible beforehand.

Because it is the nature of God to always speak, on 28th June 2015, through the lips of His Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, it was revealed that: “There are three African Countries which are on a list of an urgent attack; it is coming from the coast -Atlantic Ocean.

The devil is in a meeting and he is soon releasing them, this is an evil attack, it is the devils plan. You are going to hear news, it will seem like an accident but No! This time it will take a number of People. I am talking about Nigeria as the first, Ghana as the second and South Africa as the third.”

Romans 12:15-16 [NIV]: Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those that mourn. Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited.

 Because the Bible is a compass for the Church of God, and it clearly states that we should be concerned for one another. When it came to the attention of Prophet Abraham Richard about the rioting that was going on in South Africa, his spirit was drawn to prayer.

According to several new outlets, it was reported that on 8th July 2021, protests erupted in the Nation of South Africa after the former President Jacob Zuma handed himself to police to serve a 15-month jail term for contempt of court. It was also reported that the riots that were going in the Nation of South Africa were the worst to happen since the Apartheid policy.

Child of God, let us not ever forget that whatever happens in the physical realm has its roots in the Spiritual, whatever that was happening in South Africa in the  year 2021 was revealed earlier on 28th June 2015.

This can mean one thing; the solution to this unrest could be only attained in the Spiritual realm. Meaning, whatever you are going through, as a Nation or an individual, the only way to get to the root of the matter is through prayer like our fathers in the Lord.

Remember a prayer made in faith is the key to unlock the mysteries in a believer’s life; as it has always been from the time of Father Abraham to the Apostles and even in this generation, prayer is still the master key.  In humility the Prophet of God together with the intercessors took this matter into the Spiritual realm [prayer].

This is a recount in part of the prayer, We believe O’ Lord by the same lips that you used to reveal this in 2015, this time, you are using the same lips O’ Lord to put an end to this attack in the name of Christ Jesus. We know the devils mission is to steal, kill and destroy and we can see it going around, but, Father we pray your power to overshadow the devils mission in the name of Jesus.

Father we believe in you, we believe for Angels to walk down now to the Country of South Africa. It has come to our attention Lord. Send your Angels to every corner in this Country, release this Country O’ Lord for there are some that are innocent. We pray for your intervention, Lord take the throne in this Country.

We pray for the government, leaders, we pray for them all to be into your hands. Father, we cannot keep quite when the innocent are killed, poor and weak oppressed -Lord we need your intervention. We are just men of flesh and blood, we ask for your mercy and grace in Jesus name. May those who find it good to intercede say Amen.”

John 10:10 [NIV]: The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Indeed, this Word was felt in the Nation of South Africa. Life was received back in its fullness. After the prayers of the Prophet and intercessors, the protests and riots ceased there. South Africa is now enjoying peace from Above.

To you reader, there is a lot we can learn from this prophecy but above all, let us not forget to pray for each other because through that, we save countless souls in the name of Christ Jesus. Somebody stood in the gap for the Nation of South Africa when they saw a need. Let it be your duty today to stand in the gap for a fellow believer and the Body of Christ where you see a need in the name of Jesus Christ [Acts 12:6-19]

Further scriptural references: Esther 4:15-17, Jeremiah 33:1-3, Ezekiel 33:7

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