See God’s Glory


See God’s Glory

As a mouthpiece of the highest God, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso by the Grace of God released the message of the day titled, See God’s Glory with reference from the book of John 11.He reminded the believers that the Holy Spirit is the only One who helps us to understand the Word of God. You do not need a hundred scriptures; all you need is the Holy Spirit, the Prophet affirmed. He then paused a question to the believers; do you need to see God’s glory in the situation you are in? If we really want to see His glory, we must follow His instructions for we worship a Spirit- Jesus.

Flowing with the Holy Spirit knowledge, the Prophet of God gave an example of  Martha in Holy scriptures, whom Christ Jesus gave instructions and she had the nerve to reason with Him. Martha’s unbelief triggered Christ Jesus to caution her that,‘Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?’ This was enough evidence that Martha doubted what Christ Jesus had told her that very time; for sorrow had overwhelmed her to the extent that she forgot who Christ was.On this agenda, the Prophet of God emphasised that; unlike Martha, if we are to be saved we must not to argue with the master-Christ Jesus, rather do what He has said there and then and salvation will be ours to earn.

Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso administering healing to the believers.

Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso explained more and said, Martha was having a challenge, the same way we are having challenges today. However, when challenge comes and Christ Jesus is silent, many of us begin blaming Him and calling Him unfair. Remember that blaming someone shows your lack of faith and to believe is to act according to the Word of God. When God says remove that stone, you will have to quickly remove it. The more you reason with God is the more you are lengthening the situation you are in thus the more it will torment you. Sometimes our situations overwhelm us and we even forget what Christ Jesus is capable of doing just like Martha. But no matter the situation, Jesus says; it will not kill you.

Summing up this warning message, the Prophet advised all believers in various walks of life not to reason with God. He added on that, your background and situation has nothing to do with what God revealed about you.  Check the entire Bible, how many People were healed without listening to the Word of God? Nobody. Therefore, listen to what He says and do as He instructs;there you will be saved because obedience to God’s instructions delivers you.

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  1. Amen,I love the message,Reasoning God is an act of unbelief,oh Lord have mercy on mi
    Lord Jesus let mi see your Glory in my situation

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