School dropout graduates:


School dropout graduates:

Glowing in her graduation gown was Ms. Nalubega Gorreti of Makindye, Kampala. With joy, she testified for the God of Abraham Richard who is not only a big God, but faithful One.

She said that it all started with a revelation from the Spirit of God through His Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, during a graduation party of one of the Church members in 2017.

Ms. Nalubega said that she was blessed to be one of the invited guests at that party. She recollected that while there, the grandaunt had dressed the Prophet with her graduation hat as a way of saluting and thanking the God who works through him.

The instant the Prophet took off the graduation hat; he placed it on her head. Little did she know that the Prophet was not joking with this act but was rather prophesying.

As time went by, Ms. Nalubega had a dream in which she saw the Prophet of God Abraham Richard instructing her to go back to School. Ms. Nalubega noted that in this dream she informed the Prophet that she did not have knowledge to go back to school but he promised to give it to her.

To Miss Nalubega, this all seemed like teaching an elephant to fly because she was a school dropout who never made it past primary school. That aside, her source of income was not solid enough to sustain her family much less pay her tuition.

She was a woman struggling for survival, because all she did was sell a few soft drinks and patch up people’s torn clothes on her outdated sewing machine.

After that divine affirmation, Ms. Nalubega got the courage to get back to school. She noted that she started looking for a minimal college where she could learn more about tailoring since she had some little knowledge and loved it.

However, God had a different and detailed plan; with the Holy Spirit guidance, she ended up in a Pentecostal affiliated tailoring school. Here she was admitted as a student for a certificate in tailoring, with full scholarship.

The book of Lamentations 3:37 says “Who can speak and have it happen if the LORD has not decreed it?” No one indeed, for what the Spirit of the LORD had proclaimed through the lips of His servant Abraham Richard came to pass, for through it Ms. Nalubega emerged a victor.

After six months of studying and training, she passed with flying colours hence was awarded a certificate in tailoring from Bridges of Hope Resource Centre.

True is the scripture that says with God all things are possible for no longer is Ms. Nalubega struggling with patching up torn clothes, but she now designs self made clothes for both men and women. What a game changer Christ the Son of God is!

Note: Sometimes, you may want God to speak to you in a certain way concerning a certain issue, but do not forget that His ways are so different from those of men.

Remember a Prophet is God’s shadow, image and spokesman. Everything he does has a purpose and a message encrypted in the Spirit. That way we believe you too have got your personal message from this testimony.

Further Scripture reference, Isaiah 55:11

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