My name is Kajjimu Peter of Bbunga – Kampala, Uganda. I own a small business company called Exodus Heights Venture. Where I supply things like laptops, printers, desktops, servers, windows, antivirus; plus stationary materials in bulk to cooperate companies.

However, in November 2020, the Uganda Revenue Authority [URA] sent me an e mail saying that they had taken away my Value Added Tax business license. Reason being that my business had failed to make enough transactions worth 100 million Ugandan shillings annually.

This was true because of the COVID 19 pandemic lock down repercussions. Due to this, my cash flow had dropped below the required average compared to my previous annual transacting tally.

In this state, I could not sell, supply or demand payment for what I had sold. I could hardly give out receipts or invoices to my clients. This made me loose most of my clients. So I wrote back to URA asking them to return my VAT license, but all these were tears in the rain for they never listened to me.

I was left distressed because of the many responsibilities I had to meet as an individual; this took away my peace completely for I could not comprehend what to do next.

 Sadly though, amidst this tremor my customers kept on demanding for my services.  Truly there was no way I could transact with them for my hands were tied.  Mark you when it comes to doing business with corporate companies, documentation is paramount.

So in trying to buy time, I embarked on deception so as to maintain ties with them. I lied that I was up country or abroad, for I never wanted to lose or jeopardize my contracts with them. However, all these lies were futile for I lost a bunch of clients as they terminated their contracts with me.

In human power I sought help, but nothing worked out. I tried calling everyone who had contacts in the Uganda Revenue Authority to assist me but in vain. I even tried bribery that is between December 2020 and January 2021, thinking it would help me but it was all like writing on water, for all ended in regrets. All I got was worry, tension and grief.

 Amidst this pain and agony I was informed that I can send my prayer request to True Vine Communion Ministries For All Nations for help. In a flash, I submitted my prayer request and after three days, I received a message from the Prophet of God Abraham Richard saying: He was seeking the LORD’s view about my issue and that he was at prayer.

The Prophet expounded that, “What brings fear in our heats is sin, but when you are up right and depend on the Holy Spirit, God will help us.  Remember what the LORD says; that even when you go through high waters and fire, He will be with you. This is not failure as it seems before you but promotion, breakthrough and success.

See what Apostle Paul says in 2Corinthians 12:9 ‘when I am weak then am strong.’ Meaning where you see no way through; God makes a way. You do not have t o lie to live. Truth is what God defends not lies. Do not worry; be true, I am praying for you. Do not fear to go out to tell these people what is going on and rest in the hands of God.” 

Indeed, after listening to the Prophet’s advice; I went on my knees and asked for God’s mercy and forgiveness. Thereafter, I called my clients and told the truth that I had a no VAT license. Surprisingly, they took pity on me and agreed to be patient with me. Miraculously two days after I had spoken to the Prophet of God and he prayed for me, URA reactivated my VAT license; with proof that my company was legit and authorized to carry out business.

I was so happy with this miracle. I could hardly keep quiet as I testified to everyone about the great things the God of Prophet Abraham Richard had done for me. Imagine I was not the only one in this predicament. The Uganda Revenue Authority had carried out a mass deactivation operation of licenses.

Over 10000 companies were closed but I was among the 1500 that they reapproved back to do business. And to my surprise, immediately after my license was given back to me, some of my clients renewed their contracts with my company. Today, my business is doing great. Thank you, God for answering my prayers.

My advice to the believers out there facing challenges is that; be truthful for it is not by power, wisdom or human might but by God’s help.  Glory and Honour back God.

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