Sabbath was made for man to receive.

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Sabbath was made for man to receive.

At the crest of thanksgiving worship, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso walked to the pulpit and to un-wrapped the message that the Spirit of God had bestowed onto him. He began by reminding the believers to thank the LORD for all the victory at hand. Any Christian who has received any form of victory must credit Christ Jesus. With this he, led the house of believers into the message of the day titled, “Sabbath was made for man to receive.” With reference from the book of Mark 2:23-28: On Sabbath Jesus was going through the cornfield, and as his disciples walked along, they began to pick some corn. The Pharisees said to him, ‘Look, why are they doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath.’ (NIV)

Breaking down this scripture, the Prophet said that; Sabbath was made for man to receive healing and freedom but not for him to suffer. In this, to set someone free is much better than to keep the laws. Portraying the life of our Lord Christ Jesus, the Servant of God said that whatever happened to Jesus; He did not plan it. No man one can set events to happen the exact way they are detailed in the Bible apart from God Himself. It was His Father who set the events in motion to fulfill scriptures so as to teach believers.  

When the Pharisees found the Disciples of Christ Jesus picking corn, they accused them to breaking the law yet they were not. This event happened to Him to fulfill scriptures and condemn us.  The Prophet expounded that this is the same with our lives today, we are quick to condemn our fellow believers yet they are living as per the Will of God.

 Summing up the faith – reflecting teaching, the Prophet noted, whenever you read the Bible and you fail to see yourself in it, then you are wasting your time. What you see and do not believe yet it happened in the Holy Scriptures, you stand condemned.


Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso shared with believers what Christ had given Him.  While doing so he exclaimed, “Do whatever you can to display Christ Jesus, that is what I do and will live to do. Use whatever you have to reach out to someone.”Remember that; it is not about saying I have faith when you do not show faith in acts.  If you are this kind of Christian, you are wasting your time shouting faith: for all the faith in you will fall because you have no love.

Child of God, we believe that you have been inspired by this demonstration of love in faith, remember to practise love. Be a giver for this is what will avail you to receive from Christ Jesus. God will supply to you more using that as an attachment to get to you.

Prayer:  Lord Christ Jesus use me as an instrument to do you will.

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