Upon reaching on the pulpit, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso led the believers into prayer saying: LORD have mercy upon me I am in your presence.

After the prayer, the Prophet unwrapped the day’s message: Remain in me. I know you are here because you tried everything and failed. Then a thought came to you that why don’t you go to Prophet Abraham Richard at the prayer mountain. That thought came from the Holy Spirit.

So here where you are, I want to inform you that when God says that He can heal you, He can do it there is a God in Heaven that heals.

However, many pray and do not receive; yet the Bible says; knock and the door will be opened for you, ask and you shall be given. The reason we pray and do not receive is because we lack faith. Check what Jesus says in John 15:7 “If you remain in me and in and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.”

 This is an answer to your long time problem. Truly, I know how it feels like to pray and you do not receive.  The truth is; all of us can get what we ask for if we remain in Christ and in His Word. However, we want to take short cuts.

There are no short cuts when it comes to receiving from God. There is only one way- Christ. Unless we walk by the Word of God it is the only way we can get to Him.

If you remain in Jesus and His Word remains in you, you become Him. The Spirit of God is His Word. The more you stay walking in Him and in His Word; the more you receive His Spirit and for He is imparted in His Word. And so when you rise up to pray, it will be His spirit praying through you. Remember the biggest part of man is spiritual. We operate more in the spirit than body.

Therefore, Christians too must be spiritually attached to the Vine tree (Christ). For no branch can bear fruits unless it remains on the stem. Meaning, if any Christian wants to bear fruits of prosperity, maturity and love; he/she must remain in Christ.  For when a tree grows, the branches expand too. The same with Christ Jesus, if you stay in Him, you too will also grow.

Behold Jesus is saying, if you want to ask everything from Him you must remain in Him and in His Word. His Word is the manure and His Spirit is the water that will help you grow. But how can Jesus give you His Spirit when you are not in Him? Accept to come out of your comfort zone and choose to remain in Jesus. There is a difference between being near and being in.

It is only those branches that are rooted in the tree that will bear fruits, not those that are near it. Nonetheless any branch that does not bear fruits is cut off to allow the fruitful branches flourish. So is Christ, He also wants fruits.

Alternatively, Jesus can also spiritually graft foreign branches onto the vine. Look many of us were not a part of this Gospel but God fixed us there. The scripture reveals that John the Baptist baptized even the sons of the snakes (Luke3:7). Meaning, some people were originally not called for this Gospel, but God’s love grafted them along.

However, this does not imply that you will remain the same old person (foreigner) you were formerly before Jesus adopted you, no, you must change and adapt to the ways of the Vine (Christ).

Christ knows your potential that is why He loves you anyway. That is why He said that; “ask for anything in my name and you shall receive it.”  However, many of us have prayed but failed to receive. We born-agains talk about healing and we are not healed, situations are not changing.

It is not that God is not willing to give us or provide to us. Or that Christ cannot heal or deliver us.  We are just not in Him or His Word but outside hence no love. Remember God is love and the only way to receive from Jesus is to remain in Him. So come back from where you had perverted; remain in the true line. Jesus loves us all, that’s why He is here.

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