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Heaven smiled, the stars magnificently orbited in joy, the birds sang a beautiful melody to our LORD and Savior on 16th January 2022. It was the day, the Children were blessed as they were about to return to school.

As schools were finally slated to be opened fully, a conviction from the Holy Spirit arose in the heart of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. It was then that it was made known to him that he must spread the wings of Love to the Children that were about to go to School.

While this yearning to display Christ Jesus’ Love found its way in the heart of the Prophet and the True Vine Communion Ministries partners, the special group set to receive it was already prepared for it.

Matthew 19:14-15 [NIV]: 14Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’ 15 When he had placed his hands on them, he went on from there.

As Divine Will and purpose would have it, during the Sunday service of 16th January 2022, the Children received what was prepared for them. First and foremost, was a Prophetic message from the Servant of God.

He said: “There is no reason as to why the Children should worry you. Let us stretch our hands and pray for them that they can receive favour, understanding and wisdom in the name of Christ Jesus. When Children posses evil spirits, how then can we [parents] get school fees? Let me deliver their spirits and set them free.”

As soon as the prayer session was over, each Child was handed Love gifts to help them start their school year. The joy, smiles and tears that radiated from them was a clear sign that the Love they received would be standard for their lives henceforth. A number of the Children came forward to express their gratitude testifying;

My name is Mukasa Alex of TVC Children’s Ministry; I thank the Servant of God for giving me scholastic materials, come Monday I am going to school.

Kintu Pius said; I thank God for the scholastic materials that I have received. My mother did not have enough money to buy for me the school requirements.

But I thank God because He has made a way for me and provided them through the Prophet of God. I believe as I go to school with this gift, I will be wise and perform better.

Good morning Servants of God, my name is Tanyenebaza Bashila, I thank God for giving me books and blessing me, I believe I am going to perform better.

So many others testified for the Love gifts and the parents who were floored with the gracious act of Love could not help but also give a few remarks.

One parent after witnessing all that transpired on this day elatedly noted, “I thank God for being gracious to our Children. In fact not only were the Children given scholastic materials, but they were also prayed for and blessed with the Spirit of wisdom. I personally believe our Children will not remain the same.”

Whilst another confirmed that her worries had been taken away because of LOVE. She said, “I thank the God of Prophet Abraham Richard for the prayer he has guided us into. I am so glad this prayer has been accompanied by actions.

I was so worried because I had children to take to school yet I had no school fees and scholastic materials. However, after prayer, I witnessed this prayer perfected immediately when the Prophet gave our children the scholastic materials. All we are left with is tracing their school fees.

From showing love to the Children, the Love compass seamlessly shined at Luwombo Church of  Uganda Primary School. In the name of the greatest Love – Christ Jesus, the team from TVC Ministries met with the School administration. This was not any ordinary meeting, but, one set by God to remind His People of His Love as the Head teacher in amazement confessed.

“I was sharing with one of the teachers who was telling me that they do not know the way forward since most of the Primary six and seven pupils did not have scholastic materials. However, little did I know that we were communicating in God’s ears.

I want to express my deepest heartfelt gratitude to the Servant of God Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso for the wonderful support he has given to our pupils. Bearing in mind that we have been faced with COVID-19, the economy has been affected to the lower levels and parents were not able to earn a living.

Thus being unable to support the Children as they return to school. So, I request our dear visitors to convey our deepest gratitude to the Prophet and we assure you that we shall work hard to see that Children improve on their academic performance – Ms. Acheing, Head teacher Luwombo C.O.U P/S.”

A Mathematics teacher, Ms. Lillian was beaming with joy as she exclaimed, “I really appreciate the Prophet of God for the great work he has done. I am the class teacher of Primary seven and I teach Mathematics from Primary four to seven.

May God bless the Prophet of God, he has moved us a step forward. So, I believe my pupils are going to enjoy the classes and the practical part more. They will be fun!”

It was all Love, guidance and prayer from the team to the school administration as they handed out every Love gift meant for Luwombo C.O.U P/S. As we were reminded that there is time for everything in Ecclesiastes 3, the time for bidding goodbye came.

Both the receivers and the givers were extremely exultant for what God had reminded them once again –‘Love is the greatest.’

You too, wherever you are, remember that Love is the most excellent way in whatever situation you are going through. Be that representative of Christ Jesus wherever you are that will bring about unhindered and immutable transformation in your life, family, Community and Nation.

As the Prophet of God says, your neighbour is that person in need next to you; you do not have to go far, start with the person next to you for the glory of God. Shalom

Miracles will fade away, but Love will never. #AbrahamRichardBisaso

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