Prayers for Peter:


Prayers for Peter:

Brother Benon Namanya under the instruction of his father in the Lord Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took his position to encourage believers of Christ in the whole world. He stated, “Everything is possible, when I remember how far the LORD has brought me, I confess, thank you Christ Jesus.’’

He noted that if we are to receive victory from Christ Jesus, we must implement the Word of God which is Love and reconciliation. The only way the World will know that we are indeed true disciples is when we practise Love.

This means that when someone hurts us, we shall be quick to forgive and reconcile because we know the source of our Love is Christ Jesus. Remember that we are the mirrors of Christ Jesus in our vicinities; therefore, it is our duty to show our neighbours the true image of Christ Jesus.

From that vibrant message, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took position at the pulpit and revealed, “I am here to pray for the Body of Christ.”

Picking up from the previous message, ‘’Do you believe in God’s Love for you? “He emphasised that we need to forgive if we want God to hear our prayers. Let us not lie to ourselves that God will hear our prayers when we are still wicked.

Do not remain a prisoner of the past. Today Christians focus more on the past than the present. We keep looking back on how many we have hurt and how many have hurt us.

 Whenever we look at these scars, we should thank the Lord for giving us a chance to forgive. However, today when we look back at our scars they remind us that we have a battle to fight. True forgiveness is reconciliation. As Christians, we are meant to forgive and reconcile. When we do that, the World shall see God in us.

As Christians, we are not from below, we are from above, we must do what our Father in Heaven does. We are supposed to solve issues as Children of God because reconciliation brings solutions to our limitations.  Let us not be like politicians in this World who pretend to shake hands with their opponents when their hearts are complaining.

Pick a valuable lesson from our master Christ Jesus. Having done everything, including His Father’s Will, He knew that He would not enter Heaven with offence so He forgave them. We too should emulate our master and forgive.

After that recap, the Prophet went ahead to perfect His Father’s Will which is to pray for the Body of Christ. Referring to the book of Acts 12:1-5: 4After arresting him, he put him in prison, handing him over to be guarded by four squads of four soldiers each. Herod intended to bring him out for public trial after the Passover. 5So Peter was kept in prison but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.

The Prophet said that there is a Peter (Servant of God) somewhere, who is in a prison and he or she needs our prayer. This jail could be a jail of fear, persecution, debts, poverty or sin and it is our duty as the Church to pray for our fellow member.

He said that however it is a sad tale in the Body of Christ today. We are not supposed to be divided but we are carrying the sword of division and this has made us selfish.

We only care about ourselves; the unity of the latter Church is fading away because the Church today has failed to take its position. The battles going on in our nations and families are as a result of the Church not playing its part which is interceding.

The Prophet emphasised that the battles in the World today come about because the Church has kept silent. A true member of the Church cannot watch this evil going on and remains silent. We are a body and we are supposed to be united.

Whether you are an Apostle, miracle worker, Prophet or worshipper, we are one. Remember there is power in unity; do not give satan space in the Church.

Summing the message for the Body of Christ, the Prophet paused a very profound question to the Church, “How can we be disunited on earth and in Heaven be One , because what you do on earth represents what you will do in Heaven?”If the Church is proper in the Holy Spirit, it cannot keep quiet when evil is going on.


We believe that through this message you have been inspired to join the fight for unity of the Body of Christ. As Prophet Abraham Richard teaches that a prayer of more than one person is stronger than a one man prayer. Join him in this moment of prayer.


We pray for your release Servant of God. Whatever prison you are in, we ask of you Holy Spirit – release the Servants. Every Ministry under the sun, we pray for your release. Father, we pray; send us the Holy Spirit that you promised us. We need you to intervene in the Church.

COME HOLY SPIRIT. Abba Father, we need your intervention Holy Spirit. We are perishing at the edge of poverty. We are shaken by persecution.
As the Church, in the world we cry for you O’ LORD. Come Holy Spirit, we welcome you in the Church.

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