Under the Holy Spirit’s canopy, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso as released, conceded a divine message to the believers as per the command of Christ Jesus. In his Holy Ghost suit he said, “Let us begin with prayer; Spirit of Jesus we welcome you in the name of Christ Jesus. Take full control of us and may your Will be done as you forgive our sins.” He continued;

Believers, I welcome you all in the name of Jesus Christ; if the Holy Spirit does not position us, there can never be healing. I believe that blind Bartimaeus in the book of Luke 18:35-43 was positioned by the Holy Spirit hence his healing. Meaning without the Holy Spirit, you cannot persist to receive from Jesus.

Today I want to talk about; “PRAYER” because, in the last meeting we talked about peace the base of faith and prayer is a result of Faith. If you do not believe in prayer, then you have no Faith and this means you cannot make any right prayer before God.

When you look deep into your life, you will realize that the disappointments in prayer is due to our poor faith. We do not trust and believe in God. That is why ninety percent of the prayers are made under law. Being born in a Christian family does not make you a Christian.

What is Prayer? Prayer is a fruit of faith since it is based on the WORD of God. When you read the word of God, you gain trust; after relating to the ones that had the spirit of God. God cannot do for you what you have never read in His word or what His spirit has never revealed to you. This is because if He does, you will stumble.

So, the more someone reads the Word of God, the more they get to know that God is dependable, and reliable. And the more you meditate, the more you are pushed to pray. Come with me in the gospel of Luke 11:1: One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, ‘Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples’ [NIV].

This scripture means that it is very important for every Servant to be like his spiritual master. That is why the disciples of Jesus asked Him to teach them how to pray because John the Baptist’s way of praying was religious unlike Jesus’ which was unique and loved. 

We cannot talk about being Christians and Born again when we do not know how to pray. Today our praying is set according to the law. But I think the way we should be asking from God should relate to the physical way we approach our earthly father when requesting for something as children; with no authority but in humility. However, today the way children request is authoritative. 

As children of God and as a church, we should listen more when we come to the LORD;  lest we disrespect His presence. The Bible says; when you go before God, listen more and speak less. 

This also was Jesus’ way of approaching the father, no tricks, and it is why He was so open in teaching His disciples about what He did in His private moment with God.

Everyone that does not know his or her calling, makes a wrong prayer. Our prayers should be after God’s Will when we know our callings. I cannot be a business man and call for anointing to be a pastor. When you know your calling you make the right prayer and the rest just follow [Matthew 6].

Prayer works best when you pray according to your calling. Look at Solomon, when David told him that he was going to be the next King of Israel; when he went before God he made the right prayer by asking for wisdom and the LORD was pleased; hence granting it to him and added him riches.

If Christ gives you a blank check today like Solomon what would you say? Do you know your calling? When you understand your calling; you will make the right prayer. Look at me; when I got to know my calling, my prayers changed and I started praying as a Servant of God.

Remember the message I sent when I was in the moment of silence while at the prayer mountain praying.  I held the South Sudan Flag and flew it. Then I told you people to count seven days from the time I was holding it as you watch and see what would happen. After the seven days there was trouble in Sudan and the government wants to employ people to get Ugandans from there.

So believers, I want to summarise this message, prayer that works best is prayer that comes from the inspiration of the LORD and faith. Remember prayer must be based on the Word of God as based on your spiritual leader. I am talking about prayer because it is the season we are in.

Did you know that not knowing God is a sin and knowing Him is a gift? Many want to know Him but have failed. Make sure this message I have said can stick in your heart.

As you pray use Luke 11 because He says keep seeking, repenting and praying then He will answer you depending on what you request. When Christ saw mankind in law and not keeping it, he brought the Holy Spirit. Meaning when you give Him excuses, you might find when the grace has shifted.

So listen more when He speaks to you. When He says fast now, He will explain to you either with food or not. Because there two types of fasting; without physical food and the spirit fasting. Look at Isaiah 58:1-3 where the children of Israel were blaming God for not answering them in their prayer yet they were fasting. In response He told them that they were doing the fasting alone and had not involved Him since they had other intentions.

On the other hand, Spiritual fasting is forgiving those that you hurt, caring for others, feeding the needy etal. Therefore, drop the pride and forgive because this is the best fasting.

Salvation is from the heart and the greatest sin is on the inside. I hope that this message has reached you. Remember, true repentance is change. Promise that you are going to reconcile with those that you hurt, go share your time with them.

PRAYER: Holy Spirit into your hands I committee my life, forgive my sins and guide me according to your Will.

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