From the delightful worship rendered to the Ancient of days, led by the True Vine Communion Ministries choir,the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso took position at the pulpit garbed with the Spirit of God. Then he welcomed the believers all over the world that had tuned into TVC Radio, and those that had gathered at the Prayer Mountain.

His first remarks were; “You are welcome from wherever you are listening from. You have a reason to say Hallelujah and thank you Jesus. Good morning believers in Jesus’ name. Wherever you are, let us pray now. Begin to commit yourselves to God and let us dedicate ourselves to Him for remember we are not holy and worthy.

Prayer: Son of David take more of me, forgive the sins of my flesh and spirit. Father, I dedicate all the people listening to this medium into your hands. Amen!

Once again, Good morning Servant of God! There is freedom in the presence of God. Anyone listening to me you are a Servant of God and I know this greeting will encourage you in the name of Christ Jesus. You have so many questions and no answers. You are discouraged and cannot take it anymore, but take heart, you are a Servant of God and HE knows you.

Whenever, the devil surrounds you, you get discouraged and do not feel like pushing on. But I assure you, God will send His Spirit to remind you of who you are in the spiritual world and you will receive courage to face tomorrow.

Believers, unless one has the Spirit of God, they cannot know a Servant of God. That is why today, many people will call Servants of God witches due to what God has blessed them with yet they are not. The reason for our conflicts today is because we do not have the Spirit of God and this means darkness cannot see light. So how can a witch tell you God has blessed you? He cannot!

The little you have is the source of battles before you. If God has blessed you with life and peace, enjoy it because you are blessed; this is a revelation. When you face situations like sicknesses, poverty, lack, discouragement, fear etal, the angel of the LORD will come and remind you who you are – a Servant of God.

The many tests that hit you, are supposed to push you to your promotion. So whatever hits you every morning, confess: I am a servant of God. Reason being; many are waiting to see you fail, while others are waiting to see you break through, then they believe your God for they know your family back ground. And on the other hand, others are waiting to see the LORD prosper you and they follow.

Look at the scripture that says; the LORD prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies [Psalm 23:5]. This scripture means God knows that we are surrounded by enemies that want to fail us.

I am going to talk about prayer. In this I mean, how we should pray and receive from God. My sharing is going to depend on what I have gone though and what the Spirit of God has taught me.

Before we go for prayer, there is need to put our hearts right with God. You may have a question; how do I do it? It is simple; love your neighbour and take care of those in need, for love covers a multitude of sins.

When you practice love, faith will not fail because love is a core of faith. However when you examine yourself today, your prayers have failed because there is no love in your heart. The more you hate people, do not take care of them or forgive; your faith will fail whenever you stand to pray.

The bible tells us in the book of Luke 10:19[NIV]:I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.

When we stand to command these demons to leave in prayer and they do not go, we prophesy and fail, pray for the sick and they are not healed, yet we are given power and authority to overcome satan, there is a problem withyour hearts.

Let us examine the gospel of John 14:21[NIV]: Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my father, and I too will love them and show myself to them.

It means, if you carry out the command of Jesus, you are putting Him inside your heart. For Faith will draw its roots in the love you have for Christ and with this love, you will always be encouraged in times of trouble. With this, in your heart, you will not fail. I pray may the Lord open your spiritual ears to hear and your heart.

Believers, Christianity does not begin by faith but by loving God. Many of us want to believe when we see miracles happen instead of loving Him. We are behaving like witches because they inspire us.

For long I have been asking myself a question, why do men of God fail? They need to be called from above to be true Servants of God. Nonetheless, many doubt and do not have love for Jesus that is why they cannot receive His message.

For you to receive Jesus, you need to walk in His Light. This light is loving Him and your neighbour.

How do you love your neighbour? He/she may be of different faith, or a fellow Christian but it is our obligation to love them. The way you love good things, buy them for your neighbour. Because that is what the Word of God has said.

Prayer: Lord give me your love, awaken my spirit today that my faith will not fail me.

Future scripture references John 15:12, Matthew 4.

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