Amidst magnificent praise, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso reached the pulpit and his first remarks to the Church were, “I am here to pray with you because it is what Jesus has sent me to do. Are you ready for prayer?”

The ecstatic congregation in a loud applause agreed with what the Prophet had been sent to do but before going in for prayer, he had a vital word for every believer around the world.

He noted that washing hands should not be merely washing hands, we as Christians should do more than washing hands. Whenever we are washing our hands, it is paramount to do so as a sign of washing your heart.

Have a prayer at heart as you are physically washing your hands, let your prayer be: wash my heart, purify me O’ Lord from every stain of sin that is on my heart. Wash me from sin and all its consequences.

After that insightful message, the Prophet instructed the congregation of believers to go and wash their hands in faith physically but spiritually as a sign of washing their hearts.

In obedience to the Word, they went and during the spiritual washing, evil spirits manifested and started exposing the evil plans they had set for their lives, homes, marriages etal.

For some, they had physically failed to walk to wash their hands because this was more than a physical act; and satan was not willing to lose the People.

However when Light comes, darkness must leave, indeed it was witnessed today at the prayer mountain as every demon was brought to its knees and Light took over.

From the spiritually edifying moment, the Prophet led the believers into prayer with reference from the book of 1Peter 5:8: Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a lion looking for someone to devour. [NIV]

As Children of God, we should always be at watch for our enemy satan is skillfully looking for whom to kill. Being at watch is to be at prayer so that we are under the protection of Heaven. This means that whatever will happen to us [you], will not destroy us [you] rather will glorify God [Daniel 3].

Prayer: Whatever evil plan that satan has set around the four corners of my life I command you to leave my way in the name of Christ Jesus. Leave my spirit, faith, calling, plans, family and finances in the mighty name of Christ Jesus.

Note: Do not forget to commit your plans unto the Lord for this week for His guidance.

Further scripture reference: Psalm 51:7, Mark 9:14-29

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