“Poor grades stamped good.”


“Poor grades stamped good.”

Dressed in her school uniform and glowing with success, Sister Nassuna Sauda from Gangu- Wakiso testified for the true fountain of wisdom who is none other than the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. With tears of joy rolling from her eyes, she narrated the grace- redeeming story that began in 2016 while in form five. Sister Sauda explained that back then she was a victim of poor grades, and her report cards always had comments like “Below average”, “you can do better” and many more flattery comments from her teachers that initially meant “poor performance.” Her aggregate scores were always below eight points; which made her sorrowful because her dream was to perform better like her other classmates who excelled in their grades.

Sister Sauda recounted how on several occasions she had strived out of human strength to work hard so as to improve her grades but all in vain. On this note, she ascertained a Sunday service when the servant of God Abraham Richard Bisaso called forth all pupils and students with poor performances to bring their report cards for prayer. Amongst them was Sister Sauda who hurriedly brought her report card to the Lord’s altar as instructed. Sincerely, everything a Prophet of God does is for a purpose and reason which because it is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso stamped on each forwarded report card with the ministry stamp, a stamp that had success encrypted beneath. She articulated that this stamp on her report card became her leap of faith that inspired her to even make a humble plea to God asking Him to change her performance to better.  As Jeremiah 33:3 puts it clear, indeed God listened to that prayer and granted her request.

Her grades miraculously started improving from worse to good and in her term three form five final exams she scored eleven points for the first time hence being promoted to form six with a given combination of (GAL/Sub math) Geography, Agriculture, Luganda and Sub math. With a victor’s grin she recalled the countless challenges that the Lord handled which included lack of school fees where she was chased back home on rampant occasions making her miss a great deal of lessons that compelled and caused her teachers and classmates to regard her as a “Super failure.” However, this is not what Christ was saying amidst all these ups and downs, He kept on whispering to sister Sauda that “… I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11.

She furthermore narrated that one fine day when she had an encounter with Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso; he wrote on her school fees slip “Success” and said “I see you in Makerere University.” Soon after this meeting, the Lord supplied school fees and wisdom and she sat for her Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) 2017 where she scored a total of fourteen points; with great joy today she testifies.

Standing tall next to her daughter was Ms. Nazziwa Reginah, who also confirmed that, indeed the Lord Christ Jesus does not forsake those who trust in Him. For her daughter getting such good grades was a miracle because she used to perform poorly. With emphasis she added that getting her school fees was always a tag of war and had it not been God, her daughter would not be this girl she is proud of today. Glory be to God for He is true and awesome.

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