As the Word of God says that God’s time is the best, so was it when the Prophet’s spirit was charged to carry a divine missive unto the children of God who were eagerly waiting, to hear what Heavens had for them in stock. 

It is very hard to time the Spirit of God, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso started. We are born in law, walk by law and some of us never change. But then, I want to talk to you.

The times we are in, are to prepare us, our community and children to walk with Christ. If you claim you have received light, go out and share it with someone because many of us are healed to share with others our testimonies.

The greatest package parents can leave or give their children is teaching them about Christ. Nonetheless, many of us want to leave our children with cars, land tittles and a lot of wealth, yet they can never save them since they are perishable.

We need to teach our children to be inspirational to the world through practising the gospel of Love. Imagine having such a child, it feels great but it all begins with commitment to serve God, loving others and working for peace.

However, when I look at today’s generation, we do not want to be put right because we are not guided by the Holy Spirit. Believers, the bible says that the good deeds you do will speak for you. I know of very many people who were very popular before passing on but are not remembered today.

Strive to be that man that will leave a good legacy when you pass on [2Samuel 3:11-18]. With all this said, let us go into the Word of God where I want to talk about; Peace; the base of faith.  

Without peace in your heart, you will never believe God. Believers, give ear to me that you may learn. John 14:25-27: 27 Peace I leave with you: my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

When we look at these words, they are words of Christ Jesus given to the disciples as a tie note. And I do not see Him give them plots of land. All he said was, I have given you my peace meaning peace is very important in a Christian’s walk. Because peace is the base of faith in Christ Jesus.

The reason He gave them His peace was because they were worried and this would deter the Work of His Father in Heaven. Reminisce, a troubled man cannot have the Holy Spirit. Look at Elijah; when he got the message that he was going to be killed, he ran off to hide. While in his hide out, the LORD asked him why he had run and why he was afraid, he therefore lost his calling.

Can you see how important peace is? Just have faith because the greatest miracle man can ever receive is peace. It is important but the world does not know that it’s all they need.

Everything we do with all sacrifices engaged like education, getting married, being born again, having land titles, working hard etal; are all targeting peace which we have not received. If the LORD ever gives you a spiritual ear to listen to people’s prayers, ninety nine percent of their prayers are out of fear not faith.

Do you have Christ’s peace? Because if you ever receive this peace then you are the richest in this world.

John 14:1: ‘Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me.  This scripture is instructing us not to have troubled hearts because we shall not be able to see God for a troubled heart cannot have faith in God.

The truth is that the evil one always discourages us and steals our peace due to the challenges around us. This means we cannot hear from Heaven because we communicate to it through our hearts; not bodies.

See what the bible says in the book of Acts of Apostles 3:6: Then Peter said, ‘Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you, In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.’ This scripture means that what you are filled with is what you release just like Peter.

You can never receive the peace of Jesus without the Holy Spirit. Always endeavor  to listen to the one sent before you. What is hindering your progress is lack of peace at heart. That is why, I can have anointing to render you help, but fail to administer it since you have no peace.

A troubled man can never be healed unless he sees where his help comes from. In that way, many of us are vacating the places where God put our blessings because we lack peace. But the Word of God says that, blessed are the peace makers for they shall be sons of God [Matthew 5:9]

When situations arise, confess, the LORD will handle it. Because that is the only weapon you have. It is your obligation to protect your heart because you are your own enemy. As a piece of advice, be content with the little you have. Just teach this to your children so that they too can follow the same footsteps.

I pray these words can reecho in your ears because being in that position, profession, carrier, education among others, is to make a difference in other people’s lives. Make your heart different then in Jesus you will be a channel of life. No one can match against a man of peace. Even if they carry pangs to attack you.

The peace you have is enough to fight your enemy because it is your source of strength to tear your enemy down [1Samuel 17:41-54]. There is nothing you can ever achieve if you have no peace. Let the peace of Jesus rest in you to produce testimonies.

 If Christ is in your heart, fire will not burn you. Look at Daniel and friends. I do not see them say, “God, let the fire stop”  [Daniel 3:1-30]. But today’s Christians, when hit by hard situations or trials, they make fire prayers. Whenever we are afraid, we make wrong prayers and sin against God. Look at the martyrs of faith confession when burnt to death.  

Think about the situations ahead of you, they will not kill you but Christ will turn them into testimonies. Remember, if a man of trouble meets a man of trouble, there is destruction and if a man with peace meets a man with peace, miracles happen. Let this peace I am talking about enter you.


REVELATION: We want to pray and my prayer is out of revelation from the Spirit of God. This is what the Spirit of God told me to say to the believers.

‘ Be careful that you do not fall from the Lord Jesus and from the stream put before you to drink from because each well has different water taste, color and uses. “

And two; We are going to pray against the spirit of death, uncertain death, death before time. We are going to reject it from our families. We can only stop it if we command it to go. And we are going to pray depending on our families. I have a list of different people who I saw in my vision when this evil spirit was in their compounds.

Prayer: Lord make me steady in this unsteady word.

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