“I am a true vine and my Father is the gardener.”

John 15:1


1 John Chapter 1:3: we[Apostle John and the Holy Spirit – John 15:26-27] declare to you what we have seen and heard so that you also may have fellowship[Relationship, friendship, United in one goal and vision] with us; and truly our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ.

There is no way two can walk together, unless they agree! So, how can you Partner with someone you don’t believe his testimony about Jesus Christ? This is fake partnership; it cannot produce God’s glory.

John Chapter 15:26: “When the Advocate comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who comes from the Father, he will testify on my behalf.

27: You also are to testify because you have been with me from the beginning.

For one to become a faith partner in the office of Jesus Christ, you need to have the same Spirit with Him first. It’s not about your gifts to the ministry of the Man of God, but having first a fellowship; Communion, relationship, intact with him.

 When the Man of God says, “Let’s feed the hungry,” you a man with the spirit of Jesus will spiritually sense the voice of the Spirit of God, then you will know the Will of God.

The church is getting completely blind about this truth!  You cannot be a productive Christian faith partner without the spirit of the Servant of God that is sent before you. Impossible! For Remember that, the Spirit on the Servant of God is released by love; you loving him will display Fellowship – Friendship. And where there is love for the SOG, there’s flow of anointing and the Father fellowships with both you.

Partnership is not entirely giving gifts, but becoming completely an ambassador of this calling and anointing upon the Servant of God, Proclaiming and testifying about Jesus Christ he has introduced to you, together.

You cannot appoint yourself to become a Faith Christian partner in this work: You are chosen by Christ, after Him granting you His spirit.

Partnership cannot exist and be productive and bring God the glory, unless you have been with the Servant of God! In this I mean, you must have been taught and learnt, delivered, lived by his message, love him, willing to testify for him, obedient and humble. You must purely believe his testimony that others can believe you too when you testify about his message.

Note: Contributing gifts to the work of God, doesn’t mean one is a Faith Christian partner. This is a duty for every believer to contribute to whatever that is needed to run the day to day work of the ministry of Jesus Christ. Faith Christian Partners are friends [Same vision, same goal, same feeling and same destiny]. With this, you will never find conflicts between Partners and Spiritual leaders.

You can be prayed for every day, attending church every Sunday, yet you have never become a faith partner! It’s okay.  Becoming a faith Christian partner is a promotion from Christ.

 Today, many of us don’t know who and when should man become a faith Christian partner in the work of God that’s why, the purity of the HOLY SPIRIT has been lost from our Ministries, our callings and worship.

Today, because of spiritual blindness, Satan is financing, feeding, encouraging, and determining decision making in Ministries, simply because, we don’t have this revelation – knowledge. This is how far we have sold the work of God, our divine callings, reduced our Anointing and given the Holy Spirit to the witches in exchange for support and money and desparacy. For further understanding of this message, meditate upon the story Prophet Elisha and Naaman giving gifts: 2 Kings 5: 15-16, 27. You will see clearly why the Prophet did not accept the wonderful expensive gifts to support his Ministry. However much Jesus was hungry in the desert, He was not desperate to be fed by His enemy.

Take this example from me! To whatever gospel missions I am sent to by Jesus Christ, I make sure that no penny – Money is contributed from them. I mean, from the people where I am going to minister from, because it’s a temptation for me. We pray to the LORD to supply to us that we are financially independent that we don’t bend a knee to Satan.

 We don’t care about who gives in money and support, and by what motive he gives, as long as we want it; we take it. We welcome every one that can give something. No! This isn’t right! Christ is NOT this poor and desperate.

 There are men and women He has trained and natured! Men that have walked with His teaching and men that love Him; are the only ones He is interested in! For they are part of Him and He is part of them. This is partnership in the work of God.

What causes one to lose his partnership with Christ?

  1. Losing the HOLY SPIRIT: Because He is the fire­­­­ in your faith, the humility in your obedience, the gist in your Love and the source of your visions and revelations.