Clad in the Holy Ghost suit as an ambassador from Heaven, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso with spiritual authority welcomed the believers on the Zoom Healing Service and thanked them for their time invested. Thereafter, he led them into the Word of the day saying:

Our receiving depends on our ability to believe. The moment you do not believe, there is nothing you can receive from the Spirit of God. If God says your healing is today and this hour, then it is today and this hour. Healing is already flowing from the time I begun this meeting. This monster COVID 19 has already been defeated.

Prayer: All of you under this demon of COVID 19 be casted out in the name of Jesus! Every congestion be flashed out. Holy Spirit, open up their systems!

Believers, I can see healing entering your body and lungs.  As long as you believe, you are being delivered in the name of Jesus Christ. I am commanding this spirit of death to go because this body is the temple of the Lord.

Doctors can treat but God heals, this means if God is not in the center of your treatment, you cannot be healed. Let there be living breathe and openness in your system. Whoever is a victim of any sickness, I command healing in the name of Jesus. Whoever is on the verge of death, losing your blessing, be healed!

No one can do what is right without God’s guidance for righteousness comes from the Lord [Isaiah56:1]. You cannot keep doing righteous things without the Lord’s guidance. Believers, am not here to show off; but for your salvation. This is why God is here to heal sicknesses that man cannot heal.

And it is to this reason, that the more the world opposes the power of God; the more they are going to be surprised. Meaning wherever you are, no matter the distance you can receive a testimony because you are healed, touched and spared for the Glory of God.

Let us mediate from the book of Job 12:7: But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you. This scripture means that it is only Christ Jesus who heals. Men think it is them who heal, NO, it is the hand of Christ Jesus. For we are just men being used by the Holy Spirit.

Wherever you are believer, I pray for financial doors to open. Even though the world is on lock down, I am praying for God’s power to been seen. For the WORD of God says, when am weak then am strong. This means that the crying of the world is not the crying of the children of God.

Remember, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you [Philippians 4:13]. Tears may come in the night but joy comes in the morning. This is the WORD of God to a believer. The same power of the Holy Spirit has returned again to touch you wherever you are and change the course of your destiny.


Believers, the times we are in be careful of what I am going to say. There is a spirit of discouragement that is roaming around. Be careful that you are not discouraged in whatever you do or else death will eat you up.

It is a wind that is moving from the South to the North but I pray it may not win you. I pray for courage beyond human understanding. Do not give up in whatever you are doing for whatever that wants to discourage you, I overcome it in the name of Jesus Christ.

I pray this wind does not touch your family or dreams. Even if you are in any pit, remember it is not of destruction you are a man of a promise.


Discouragement I command you to loose and go in the name of Jesus Christ. You demon of discouragement and stagnancy. Loose and go in the name of Jesus. This is not the right time to be discouraged!

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