The Prophet of God, Abraham Richard Bisaso teaches that bad situations are not your enemies rather, they push you closer to God. They push a true Christian deeper in prayer, seeking God’s face -they push you to the side of God. For the Mulinda household, they stand boldly to testify for the practicality of these words of wisdom.

Mr. Mulinda David testifies that during the first global lockdown due to the Coronavirus, all the money he had was spent on trying to keep his family with a daily meal. In the process of all that, the finances that were supposed to help him ignite his business was spent.

He says that when the government finally eased on some of the restrictions, he did not have were to start from. However, by the Grace of God, he was able to get some finances to start a business but Mr. David had no idea of what business to do. Every business idea that was suggested to him had irreconcilable problems that would not help it to thrive.

In the midst of all looking for a suitable business, Mr. Mulinda always took this matter to prayer and at God’s perfect time, the Holy Spirit guided him on what business to do. He narrates that one day, while on his way home, he reminded the Holy Spirit of the issue concerning his business search. Immediately, a thought came to him and he remembered a certain gentleman who was dealing in furniture and Mr. David wondered if he could invest in that business too.

As soon that thought came to him, he went to the gentleman’s place and they agreed to become business partners. Before long, the business had kicked off but it was moving at a snail’s pace. As the Word of God says in Romans 8:28: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

In the month of July 2021, he was privileged to receive the Divine Mercy Chain –a faith material from True Vine Communion Ministries For All Nations. Upon receiving it, he and fiancé used it as a point of contact to pray to the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso.

One particular prayer they were making was asking the Holy Spirit to advertise their business because as mortal they had utterly failed. Faithful is the Lord Almighty, where He leads, He supplies, a few weeks after they had made that prayer, they started seeing a tremendous change in the business.

The furniture shop that had no work orders started getting busy all day long. Nowadays, Mr. David has become a blessing in the neighbourhood where his show room is located, because he is employing a lot of people because of the work load that he receives.

Mr. Mulinda David continues to testify that surly the Lord Almighty has been by his side delivering him in all the spheres of his life. He narrates that on 29th August 2021, Prophet Abraham Richard led the believers on the zoom platform in a Prophetic prayer. In that prayer, he prophetically proclaimed that, let every dark hidden mystery be exposed in the name of Christ Jesus.

That very night, Mr. David received a dream where he was being reminded of his real name. He said that he was baptised as Mulinda David, but, along the way he was compelled to change his name to Mulinda Davis. However, from the time he called himself that name, every project he tried to do would end up in failure.

Right now, he is back to his real name -Mulinda David and he thanks the God of Prophet Abraham Richard who revealed that hidden mystery in his life. Where he thought that everything was okay physically, spiritually, he was unknown because the name he was bearing did not even belong to him.

Standing beside Mr. Mulinda is his lovely fiancé who had this to say:

Ms. Shamira Namugabi: I thank the Lord for delivering the furniture business of my fiancé. Honestly as a business man, he was in spiritual lockdown because nothing was breaking through. However, after receiving the Divine Mercy Chain, rays of hope began to show up, I saw the business transform. These days, his phone is ever busy with customers making orders of the different kinds of furniture they want. 

Advice from Ms. Shamira: I thank God for the situation we went through because it has helped me to draw closer to God. To everyone reading this, remember there is time for everything, right now, is our time to testify. We went through our situation that shaped us and now we are here testifying for the God of Abraham Richard. There is time for everything believer.

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