From the great African praise played on TVC radio at the Prayer Mountain, as the massive congregation danced in honour to God while in His presence, the Spirit of Christ Jesus released His Servant Abraham Richard Bisaso to deliver the divine package the LORD had sent to His people. In an elegant garment, he took position at the pulpit and welcomed all the listeners from wherever they had tuned in.

He started by welcoming the believers to the prayer mountain. He explained,

“Imagine going to the Holy Land we all read about in the bible and you step where Abraham the father of all believers stepped, walked, sat, and prayed from. How would you feel? To a true believer, you get engulfed with a lot of joy and your faith is edified.

Imagine again being told that, Christ Jesus sat on the table where you are sitting with His disciples. What would you do? I believe, you would see yourself as a disciple too. Believe me, this means that there is no better blessing than a man being in the presence of God. Message title:

Only Believe.

Let us examine the Word of God because I want to remind you what King Solomon said in the book of 2chronicles 6:18[NIV]: But will God really dwell on earth with humans? The heavens, even the highest heavens, cannot contain you. How much less this temple that I have built.

This is Solomon the man of God, crying to God to accept and come to look at the temple where they want to worship Him. Look at Verses 20: May your eyes be open towards this temple day and night, this place of which you said you would put your Name there. May you hear the prayer your servant prays towards this place.

When you continue with this reading, the LORD accepted to watch over them and answer whenever they prayed to Him. In ancient times, we see our fore fathers building alters wherever they met God and today, when we go to these places, His presence is felt. Like these places, so is this Prayer Mountain where we are gathered and have witnessed the sick healed.

Many people come here to pray and God answers them even in my absence due to the covenant between me and Him. Believers, all you need is to believe in Him who sent me. Because we have observed witches and wizards transformed from evil which is a clear indication that God is present here.

I need you to understand that the reason as to why God answers prayers is because of the covenant He has with His Servants. We cannot pray unless we are conscious of God’s presence; for receiving depends on what you believe.

Remember, Faith is not limited. It is God who gives us faith and the desire to serve hence allowing us in His presence.

Many people are searching for God, but unless He permits, they cannot find Him. Our way of fellowshipping is the same as our forefathers. After invitation and repentance; then they would go to God’s presence to worship Him. But today’s Church we come from shrines, prostitution etal and enter church. Where is God?

You cannot come by invitation from God to His presence and you do not see Him. Trust me, He will do everything possible so that you can witness His presence in your midst. Today you received an invitation from Him and He wants to prove to you that you are in his presence. All you have to do is to be joyful.

Remember whatever the Lord has ever done in your sight was for you to see and believe. Every record we post is for your faith to be strengthened. Many want to believe but the LORD has not yet supplied faith to them.

You may ask a question saying, how does God give faith? The answer to this is; when He begins to work in our midst, He is working upon your faith. If God does not work in your midst, you can never believe Him. So, today we are all here listening to this message simply because God has allowed us to listen.

Let us take a faith walk in the book of John 4:46 but my point is at Verse 48[NIV]: ‘Unless you people see signs and wonders,’ Jesus told him, ‘you will never believe.’ Even after knowing that the man did not believe, He, had to perform the miracle for the sake of others to believe because Faith is generated by works of Grace. For faith to be strong, you must have evidence of the works of Jesus like perfected prophecies, miracles etal.

 If he does not perform them, your faith is in danger. Many so called Christians doubt the working of the Holy Spirit through Servants of GOD. This is because the LORD has blinded their so-called faith so, they do not see the truth and cannot believe.

A ministry with works of Grace where the sick are healed, revelations perfected to mention but a few, will remain strong because the LORD has opened their eyes to believe. What miracle do you ever remember the LORD doing in your presence?

The more you talk about what the LORD has ever done [testimonies, revelations, prophecies, healings etc]. You are challenging your enemy -satan. For where there are no works of faith, you cannot move mountains.

The bible says that they overcame the enemy by the word of their testimony and this is what you are doing today [Revelations 12: 11]. The more they persecute you, the more Christ will use you to display his power. Because when you are weak, then you are strong, this is what Apostle Paul teaches.

The more you stand to testify, God will use that platform to do more miracles for you. Even when they want to imprison you, He will look for you to do more miracles. Do not weaken God’s Will for not having faith. You can take anything from God as long as you believe because it is the key to open all your doors.

People can never believe Jesus unless your life changes; and it can only change when you have faith in Him. Because a spirit of doubt displeases the LORD and defiles His presence. Do not be a doubting Christian, rather, be like the man in Mark 9:24 who realised that he did not have enough faith and asked Christ to assist Him, which He –Christ did.   

Prayer: O’ Lord Jesus do something new for my faith.  

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