“Once a doubter now a Believer.”


“Once a doubter now a Believer.”

.After a long time of being covered in an egocentric blindfold, Mr. Ssebugenyi Henry from Bunga-Kampala finally acknowledged that there is no other god than the God of True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations. With adoration, he testified for this amazing God; yet to a true believer this was a lesson to learn. He narrated and said, that all his adult life he wandered from one church to another to see how they operate yet he never believed in miracles and in the Holy Ghost power. It was with this concept that he came to True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations in January 2017 and not to mention to please those that had invited him over.

With a sigh, Mr. Ssebugenyi recollected that impactful day more so his encounter with the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso amidst prayers in the service. The Prophet revealed to him and said; “I see you are the light of your family, through you, they will believe God. Two, stop being dishonest at work.” On this, Mr. Ssebugenyi confirmed the revelation true for it was him taking care of his mother and siblings. However, it was also true that he was not genuine at his work place where he worked as an Assistant Restaurant Manager. He explained that not only was he dishonest but also a liar because he would oftenly lie about the client’s orders and steal from his bosses’ money. True and true Prophets are sent by God to guide not only the Church but also individuals. Behold, through Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, God had just opened up a rehabilitation plan and ward for Mr. Ssebugenyi Henry.

He said that some months later after that encounter with the Prophet of God, he was fired from work. Eventually, life started getting hard and rough as he could no longer meet his bills and responsibilities. However, like Hezekiah in 2Kings: 20; Mr. Ssebugenyi too realized his sin and mistakes then turned to the wall to ask for God’s mercy. With fasting and repentance, he asked God to give him a second chance by giving him another job. God is good indeed for He answered Mr. Ssebugenyi by giving him another encounter with His Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. The Prophet told him “Stop putting God on pressure, you will get your job back.”

Indeed, as the Prophet had declared that very week, his former senior workmate called him and informed him of how he had opened up a new uptown restaurant in Kampala and that was not all, but he also invited him to bring in his application papers to apply for a job there. Two weeks later in October 2018, he was given a job as an Assistant Restaurant manager with a contract renewable after every two years. It should be noted that though it is in a different place and under a new management, it was the same job of an Assistant Restaurant Manager like he had before. Confirming what the Prophet said that; “You will get your job back.” So there it was bigger and better. Romans 5:10 says that; “for if, when we were God’s enemies, we were reconciled to him through the death of his son… ” Behold the once enemy and doubter of the Gospel, is now a follower of Christ Jesus. With gratitude, Mr. Ssebugenyi thanked the big God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso who transformed his life and uplifted his faith to believe in Him.


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