“The rumor and advice for everyone around the village was that our home should not be visited anymore,” this alone is enough to lead one into depression. However, for the family of Mr. and Ms. Nabukera, the Commander of the Heavenly armies was on their side.  

She said that during the second wave of the coronavirus, she was unfortunately among the people that acquired it in her area yet the only place she visited was her garden and somehow, this monster found its way to her. One day while in the garden, she started showing signs of malaria and did not give it much attention.

When these signs and symptoms persisted, Ms. Nabukera went to the hospital for medication, but her situation deteriorated. It is then that she started showing signs and symptoms of the coronavirus where she lost her sense of taste, unable to breathe well, got sudden flashes of coldness and the next minute she was feeling a lot of heat coupled with general body weakness.

It downed on her that the virus was with her and when she went back to hospital, the doctor gave her more medication but she was not getting better. Tried steaming, homemade remedies as advised, but the virus was not leaving her body.

On top of all this, when People in her area found out that she was suffering from COVID-19, they completely shunned her and the family. Amidst this turmoil, she sent her prayer request to True Vine Communion Ministries For All Nations. And by the Grace and Mercy of God, the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso invited her for a one on one via the Zoom platform

Under the inspiration of His master, Christ Jesus, the Prophet prayed for the lady and immediately, she felt a very huge change in her body. She was able to taste food, regain her strength and the flushes disappeared. It was clearly depicted that during this divine meeting, faith met faith. For when genuine faith meets with the Spirit of God, victory is a must. Ms. Cissy is now a free woman, free of the virus that had troubled her life.

As the mother of the house was healed from the virus completely, it then turned to the father, he too started showing serious signs of the virus. When they sent in their prayer request, Prophet Abraham Richard under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, released a Prophetic word to the family, “He will not die.”

Through the valleys and the shadow of death they walked, they did not drop the Prophetic Word because it was their daily confession and unquestionably hence leading them to a testimony. Ms. Nabukera recounted that her husband was in coma for five days and most of the patients who were in the Intensive Care Unit were passing on because of the virus. Whenever she would see this happening, she only confessed what the Prophet said and also administered Heavenly water on him.

She narrates that during their final days at the hospital, one of her Children told her of a dream they had; when the Prophet of God was at their home and he had brought their father. A few days later after that dream, their father started showing signs of life again. To the glory of God, he got out of the coma and thereafter, he was released from hospital because he was declared Coronavirus free.

Mr. Kasolo: I thank the LORD for indeed, it was Him who touched me and I regained life again. When I got out of the coma, I was very humbled to be told that someone was praying for me and now I am fine. Thank you for your prayers

Ms. Namuwembe Sumayiya: I thank the LORD for delivering my family from the jaws of death. Honestly, the God of Abraham Richard did not forsake us in this time. I remember when my dad was out of coma, the doctors declared him COVID-19 free and advised us to thank God. This is because out of the entire ward, only three individuals survived the virus including my father. This situation taught me to trust in God more. It is surely true, doctors treat, but God heals!

Indeed, the God of yesterday, is the same today and forever! We glorify the name of the LORD Almighty who made dry bones gain life again as it was in Ezekiel 37:1-14

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