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Joel 2:28 is an assurance to believers that indeed, the LORD will pour out His Spirit to the men and women and they will prophesy. Let us take a recap of some of the revelations, advices and warnings of the LORD through Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso he has revealed as per the Will of God in the month of October.

We believe that you too, there is a Word of God upon your life, as you go through this world of darkness, do not drop the Word of Prophet Isaiah! Isaiah 55:11[NIV]: So is My Word that goes out from My mouth: it will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.


On 28th October 2012, Prophet Abraham Richard revealed as instructed by the LORD, he said:“There is a reason as to why a black man is leading that Country [United States of America]. The Will of God still stands.”

Indeed, God speaks in parables as He did through His Prophet on 7th November 2012! While America was going through a tight race between a black and white man! It tuned out as the Prophet revealed all the way from the Pearl of Africa –Uganda: when President Barack Hussain Obama a black man, was re-elected as the 44th President of United States of America.

It should be noted that his win was not based on human understanding and knowledge, rather it was the Will of God for him to be re-elected. Let this serve as a reminder to you Child of God, there is nothing that can stand in the Will of God for your life. If it is His Will, it will be. Take heart, He is with you.

Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit on the 21st October 2015, the Prophet revealed about: A great storm on the Western block. “I was at the Prayer Mountain praying and I saw a great storm coming. It is going to cause a lot of destruction and stir up a lot of things.” He further said, “But while I was still under prayer, I saw a hand calming it down”. He called upon the house of believers to be in an attitude of prayer concerning this matter.

Two days after the release of this revelation, it was reported by CNN an International Media platform, that Mexico [which lays in the Western hemisphere] was going to receive one of the greatest hurricanes ever recorded on sea. This was called Hurricane Patricia which was recorded as a category 5. However, as the Prophet said that he saw a hand calming it down, though it was a category 5, not a lot of damage was made by this storm.

As the Word of God teaches that, this kind can go by prayer [Mark 9:29] and that, a prayer of faith can move mountains! This is undoubtedly true. A prayer made by the Servant of God and the believers calmed the storm down thus changing the purpose of the storm before prayer which is destruction.

Lesson: What is the situation before you Christian? How has it weakened your faith in God? The way out of it is getting committed in prayer to God.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, on 16th October 2016, the Prophet of God shared a pieceof advice with the believers. He revealed: “Never get used to God’s Word, it will cause disrespect and defilement. Whatever you see happening in the gospel world today, it is not a surprise! It is prophesied but you disregarded it” [Proverbs 8:1-4].

Still on the 16th October 2016, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Prophet Abraham Richard revealed, “Christians, I am prophesying, Christ Jesus is coming very soon and it very close now.” He emphasized, “Jesus Christ and His stuff are coming back soon! But, when we hear this message, it is what we are used too.

The Word of God says that, we shall be caught unaware, not prepared. He [Christ Jesus], in a vision, told me, ‘Leave everything of the world that is troubling you and focus on what is Heavenly the most important because, I am coming soon.” The Prophet went on to expound the Spiritual message to the church, “People have lost faith in this Word and thinking that it’s a lie! This is the last message.”1Thessalonians 5:2.

On the 16th October 2016 the Seer revealed that: “The Spirit of God is leaving the Nation Uganda, Church and People, but what is the cause?”

He went on to say, “Churches are going to be left as buildings. New techniques of preaching the gospel are going to be invented and they will not be from God but from the world. We were called upon to repent which we didn’t. We continued in our wickedness as Leaders. Now it is not a warning but a prophecy. The Spirit of God is leaving the Church and the Nation Uganda.”

Instructed by the Holy Spirit, on 23rd October 2016, Prophet Abraham Richard revealed and said that: “I was here and I talked about the United States of America elections. Now, it is like 90% know who is going to win the election. Like one to three months, there will be an attack and in it there will be death. Wait and see.”

On the 26th October 2016, Prophet Abraham Richard revealed, “Burundi, the current President must go. There is a short dark man and is the next President of Burundi.”

The Word of God is perfect and true in every sense. As revealed, on 18th June 2020, it was perfected as per the Prophet’s description, a short dark man; Evariste Ndayishimiye was elected and sworn into office following the death of his predecessor Pierre Nkurunziza.

TVC Ministries does not rejoice at the passing of anyone, however, we are humbled to the precise perfection of the Word of God. May the LORD have Mercy upon us all.

On the 30th October 2016, Prophet Abraham Richard revealed, “If you have a piece of land, begin agriculture. Warning: Imagine there is Boom! Guns talking to each other, where will you go to find what to eat? Even if you run to the village, what will you eat? God is fair.”

Inspired by the Holy Spirit on 25th October 2015, the Seer revealed, “I saw in a vision, an English football club by the name of Manchester United. It had travelled to play with another team in the Champions league tours, but, something happened and the game was cancelled.” By the Grace of the LORD, let us join in prayer: May the LORD’S Will be done. It is for those who love football, I am seeing matches being missed.

Still on the 04th October 2018, the Prophet revealed, “I have seen murder in America in the high office. No one is seeing it but I am.”

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit on the 23rd October 2019, Prophet Abraham Richard revealed again, “Buikwe is going to be transformed, I have said it again. Tell those who are building to build by the road side, customers are coming. It is going to turn into a city.”

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