No more evil headaches:


No more evil headaches:

With a face of relief, Ms. Namuli Annet of Masajja – Wakiso District expressed her gratitude to the God who reveals to save; the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. She started by saying, “I thank the LORD for healing me from an evil headache.” Ms. Namuli articulated that these anonymous headaches started off a year back when she decided to take on Jesus Christ as her Lord and saviour. This decision however, did not please her former enslaver – satan who retaliated by tormenting her with evil headaches every time she went into prayer.

Ms. Namuli explained that these evil headaches would only surface whenever she went for fellowship or when she tried to pray. Surprisingly they never came to her outside prayer perimeters. She noted that severally, whenever she would go to Church more so during the session of war prayers, the headache would abruptly come. Something would compel her to cover her ears to block these prayers so that they would not get into her mind and soul.

Trapped up in this evil maze, Ms. Namuli shared this strange subject with her neighbour, who was told her that it was a demon that was failing her to pray. With this in mind, she only hoped for the best and God was faithful. During the Wednesday deliverance service on the 24th of July 2019, the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord located Ms. Namuli. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso revealed to the congregants amidst prayers that, “I see you – every time you are praying, you get headache. That is an evil spirit.” True indeed God’s Word can never bounce for this time around, it landed on Ms. Namuli who was spiritually positioned and she received total deliverance from the evil headaches attacks.

As 1 John 3:8 says: the reason why the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s works. It is without doubt, the Son of God completely destroyed all the evil headaches and their root cause in Ms. Namuli’s life.  She attested that from that day, she prays with ease as guided by the Holy Spirit. No more evil headaches. Thank you Christ Jesus.

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