“When the doctors told me to pray, I became fully aware of how bad the condition of my Child was,” Ms. Judith Khaitsa narrates. Now, beaming with smiles, Ms. Judith testifies for the God of Prophet Abraham Richard who fought a great battle for her.

A few weeks ago, her Child was visiting the grandmother on his paternal side and fell sick. By the time Ms. Khaitsa and her mother arrived at the hospital, it was a life or death situation.

The Child was being supported to breath with the help of an oxygen cylinder. That was not all; little boy Sharif was urinating and vomiting blood.

When Ms. Judith saw the life threatening condition her Child was in, she knew that the only way out of this was prayer. Even the doctors advised her to pray as they play their role, because the condition of Sharif was full of uncertainty.

Acts 9:12 [NIV]: In a vision he has seen a man named Ananias come and place his hand on him to restore his sight.

In faith, Ms. Khaitsa who also had the Divine Heavenly water which she received from the Prophet of God, administered it on her son. As she was administering the Divine Heavenly water, she made one confession saying, “Let Your Will be done.”

Those are the last words she remembers confessing as the delivering hand of the LORD located her as well. When Ms. Judith came back to her senses, she was convicted in her spirit to give thanks to the LORD. Miraculously, within that short period of time, the Child who was on the verge of death was able to breathe again in his own.

However, the battle was not yet over, Sharif was also on blood transfusions every day because he was still urinating blood and he was also gnashing his teeth at night. “He would have blood transfusions daily,” Ms. Khaitsa recounts. Due to this peculiar situation her son was going through, she did what was best for him.

Ms. Judith sent a prayer request to TVC helpline explaining the situation of her son. After sending in her prayer request, by the Grace of God, Sharif stopped urinating blood. And was discharged pending review. God in His infinite Mercy has healed little boy Sharif for His glory!

When Ms. Khaitsa Judith, went back with Sharif for his review, the doctors confirmed that his system was normal to the glory of God.

Standing with Ms. Judith was her mother who testified: I thank God for healing my grandson, surely if God was not with us, we would have returned a dead body. There is a big transformation in Sharif from his time at the hospital and now. Whilst at hospital, he could barely say a word, we could see that life was leaving him, but God had our plea and our boy is now fine.

The boy of the hour was also standing to testify for this wonderful God: Innocently but boldly standing for Christ Jesus, little boy Sharif affirmed that he is now healed, he no longer urinates blood or feels any pain.

Ms. Khaitsa Judith’s advice: The lesson I have learned and would love to pass on is that we should depend on God alone.

Glory and honour goes back to Jehovah Rapha – The LORD who heals [Exodus 15:26].

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