No first aid for your injured grand mama!


No first aid for your injured grand mama!

In the beginning, the Spirit of the LORD hovered over the waters Genesis 1:1-2. Therefore no man or angel can ever separate the Spirit from the water, for no one has the leverage to undo God’s work.

Even today, the Spirit of God still moves on water to heal, deliver and set the captives free at TVC Ministries For All Nations.

Ms. Ndagire Sarah from Salaama- Munyonyo, Kampala District, narrates that on 6th September 2019, she was blessed to receive Heavenly water from the Spirit of God through His Servant Abraham Richard Bisaso.

Later on, the Prophet instructed the believers to pray for their families and Nations. She said that she followed this instruction but little did she know that God had positioned a saving Angel in this medium.

On 21st October 2019, while at work, she heard a soft voice in her heart reminding her to pray for her family.  She obeyed and knelt in one of the corners at her work place and prayed. That evening, while at home meditating upon the Word of God in her heart, she received a phone call.

It was informing her of how her grandmother had been involved in a road accident.  A speeding bicycle had knocked and dragged her into the middle of the road, leaving her with severe injuries and bruises on the face and the lower part of the body.

Ms. Ndagire hurried to the accident scene to meet her grandmother and found that she had been rushed to a nearby clinic for first aid and medication by good Samaritans.

Because her grandmother has diabetes, there was not much like first aid that the physicians at the clinic could do.  They only gave her pain killers to reduce on the pain she was going through. When Ms. Ndagire reached home with her grandmother there she ministered the divine Heavenly water in faith praying for God’s mercy and healing and put her to bed to rest.

By morning, when she was checking on her grandmother she found that the wounds had dried up instantly and she was recovering faster than expected. Ms. Ndagire was shocked and surprised by the instant change in her grandmother’s condition.

She high lightened, “When People with diabetes get wounds, they take long to cure but through the medium of Heavenly water, my grandmother was healed in a blink of an eye. Even then no one can get healed of such fresh wounds overnight. ”

 With lots of joy and amusement Ms. Ndagire explained that, within a short while that followed, her grandmother assured her that she was pain free and  was back to do her daily chores.

Note:  God can still use anything to heal a man of Faith in Christ Jesus even in this generation as He did with our forefathers in Acts 19:11.

We believe, you have been challenged by this experience of our sister Ms. Sarah, who by Faith in God applied the Heavenly Water on her grandmother and cancelled the devil’s plans in the name of Jesus Christ.

So we pray with you: Whatever evil plan of satan to steal, kill and destroy your family, we cancel it out in Christ Jesus’ name!

Further scriptures: 1 John 5:7 and Revelations 7:17.

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