As the Word of God says that the mercies of God are new every morning, Ms. Claire Joan Namusu indeed is a beneficiary of this wonderful message. She said that on June 11th 2021 she took a COVID 19 test and she was positive.

 Sadly, she was not the only one suffering from that noxious disease, her entire family contracted the Coronavirus including her nieces and nephews.

Some were admitted in Masaka R.R hospital while others were being given home care treatment. They were also advised to do a lot of exercises but they were too weak to do them constantly.

In that appalling situation the family was going through, their father lost his life to the virus, as the rest continued on with the treatment. Ms. Claire says that she lost her sense of smell, undergoing on and off headaches, heavy chest pain and fatigue. In addition to all that, she said that her feet and hands were constantly cold but she felt that her blood was on fire most of the time.

While in this distress, she sent her prayer request to True Vine Communion Ministries For All Nations. As Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso taught that it is vital for a Christian to act in God’s Time, Ms. Claire by the Grace of God was in the right season. When her prayer request was received, they were invited for a prayer session with Prophet Abraham Richard through the Zoom Healing Service.

During the zoom healing service, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Prophet prayed for Ms. Claire and her family. Immediately, healing befell her as it was with the ten lepers in the book of Luke 17:11-19; with a spoken Word from Christ Jesus, they were healed.

Ms. Claire too started breathing normally again by the Grace of God after the spirit filled prayer. It did not stop there at all, right now, she is a free woman who is back to work after going for a COVID 19 test [PCR] and the results returned negative.

Glory and honour goes back to the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso for breathing life back to Ms. Claire.

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