My neighbour, my guardian Angel:


My neighbour, my guardian Angel:

Prologue: Ms. Nabaggala Mai and Ms. Nakintu Madina have a testimony that will take your breath away. It is the kind of a testimony that every Christian must hear about.

As a matter of fact there is something special about it that will make your heart glow, that is Love. Which Love never runs out of time for God is Love. It all started as the year 2020 was beginning, when the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord through the lips of His humble Servant Abraham Richard Bisaso, proclaimed  the message of the year, “Loving and caring for your neighbours.”

Among the obedient subjects to practice this message, was Ms. Nakintu Madina of Mutundwe- Kampala who went out to exercise Christ’s Love to her helpless neighbour Nabaggala Mai. Together the two testified for Christ.

Ms. Nabaggala’s story:

She recounted, “I am so amazed by the healing power of Christ Jesus incarnated here at True Vine Communion Ministries For All Nations.” Ms. Nabaggala narrated that from the age of nine she has had three accidents which all ended up fracturing the area-the left hip joint leg. She noted that these accidents did not leave her empty handed but left her lame.  

Ms. Nabaggala said that upon a second accident, mother informed her that the accidents she was facing are exactly what her grandmother went through. She informed her that it was probably a generational curse because even her grandmother whose name she inherited had a small accident that surprisingly fractured her left leg and the grandmother spent her entire life walking on clutches.

On hearing about her family background, Ms. Nabaggala did not take it at heart and her negligence came to hunt her. She recounted that the most recent accident she faced in 2019 her youngest daughter was only three months. This happened while she was hawking her merchandise in the outskirts of Kampala city.

She explained that in her afflicted state, she could do nothing for herself completely. Instead it was her eleven year old son who became the bread winner of the family because her fiance and the father of her children had abandoned the family. Her son began picking trashed metal scrap which he sold off to local fabricators in order to sustain the home.

With that inadequate, uncertain income and a year’s debt of rent; he tried to care for his bed stationed sick, lame mother plus his three siblings. In addition to all that, he was responsible to clear out the temporary bowls that his mother used for lavatory services.

Ms. Nabaggala explained, that even when she lay invalid on her sick bed, she had to breast feed her young daughter who was only three months old In this arrangement, her daughter was regularly placed on top of her as she lay on her back , so that she can do her motherly duty.

It was in this unspeakable condition that Ms. Nakintu paid a phenomenal visit to Ms. Nabaggala’s home as inspired by the Spirit of God. According to Ms. Nabaggala this was an angelic visit because this visitor became her guardian angel. Ever since that day, her life is now a living testimony.

Ms. Nakintu’s  Story:

After listening and embracing the Spirit’s message of “Loving and caring for your neighbours.” I was guided to Ms. Nabaggala’s home by the Spirit of God. I only knew her as my distant neighbour and I barely knew her. On reaching her house, I found her and her Children in a very terrible state.

She lay crippled on her bed; some of her Children were also sick and hungry but with an eleven year old trying to make ends meet. Seeing the critical situation she was in, I brought her a Prayer request form and she wrote her prayer requests. From that day, I started to take care of the family.

I remember during one of my visits, my heart grieved seeing Ms. Nabaggala’s eldest son who cared for the family returning home with only five thousand shillings. This money was actually not enough to feed one mouth, but they were dividing it respectively so as to buy some medicine for the sick (Ms. Nabaggala) and the other to buy food.

Touched by their unbearable condition, I got all the little I had and began to take care of this family. One of the biggest challenges I encountered was that almost all of them fell sick one after another. At first, most of the help I rendered all ended up in treatment. There was a time when the youngest child was very ill that the nearby nurse chased us out of her infirmary in fear that the child may not live another day.

It is then I remembered I had a faith material that was Heavenly water, I administered a drop of Heavenly water to her mouth and instantly something rumbled through out her back and her condition changed to better. Then there came a time when the breadwinner -the eleven year boy, was hit by hooligans as he wandered around in search of scrap pieces and he too was down with no one to help the lame and fragile mother. However, by the Grace of God, I managed to take care of them with the little I had and today everyone is fine.

I thank God for the Grace He provided onto me for surely I could not do it on my own. It is not because I had much to give out, no. I for one was certainly lacking in my own home. It was God’s helping Hand through me that redeemed this family; as He says in Isaiah 59:1, His hand is not too short to save.

As a matter of fact, this experience has shown me the true projection of Christ’s true Love and my spirit too has grown up; exclaimed a delighted Ms. Nakintu.

As per now, the children who had spent three years without attending school are back to class now, the rent debts are paid and the once sick lame Ms. Nabaggala is back on her feet again ever since the Prophet of God prayed for her.

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