For over thirty years, Mr. Walusimbi Joseph Bijjigu had squatters living in his inherited land but they were not paying him any money. He said that whenever he tried to talk to them, it was all futile. When all human power failed, he took it to prayer and God was faithful to him.

Psalm 68:5[NIV]: A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling. Indeed, as encrypted in the Holy Scripture that God cares for the orphans, He took His stand in Mr. Walusimbi’s issue and provided true justice.

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso encountered Mr. Bijjigu and revealed that, “This week you are going to get good news.”

When he received this message, his spirit was filled with immense joy and it extended to the household. That very week, the gentleman who had refused to pay rent for so many years came to Mr. Bijjigu.

He asked to have a meeting with him because he wanted to resolve the matter concerning the inherited land.

As revealed by the Prophet, “This week you are going to get good news.” Indeed this was good news to the family of Mr. Bijjigu and they accepted the meeting. The family reached on an amicable agreement with the gentleman who has been a squatter for so many years that would progress both of them in unity.

It was like a dream come true when the land surveys were brought in, agreements were drawn and the gentleman accepted to divide the land where he was staying. 

“Had it not been for the God of justice to intervene in this matter, I would still have inheritance from my parents that is worthless to me,” Mr. Joseph confessed.

The scripture reminds us in Luke 18:6-8 that justice will always prevail for the Children of God. As it is written, so it was for Mr. Bijjigu who is enjoying the fruits of perfect justice in the name of Christ Jesus.

Glory and honour goes back to the LORD Almighty.

Piece of advice: Minister of God, Believer and Child of God, whatever that is not seemingly breaking through, we only have one advocate, defender, comforter, deliverer, healer who has never failed and His name is Christ Jesus.

It does not matter how long the situation has persisted in your life, for Mr. Bijjigu Joseph, it was more than thirty years but all that did not matter once true justice prevailed.

Once God’s judgment has passed, nothing can overrule it! Hallelujah.

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