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Mobile money

The office of a Prophet is a rare yet a vital one. When God realizes a Prophet it is for the good and safety of His people. A Prophet is a spokesman of the Lord sent to warn and guide His children. (Isaiah 6:8) So it happened on Saturday 25th February 2017 during a minister’s service at a True Vine Communion Ministries for All Nations. The Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso inspired by the Holy Spirit revealed about local money transaction mediums in the nation of Uganda commonly known as “Mobile money” used by the locals to send and receive money through various telecommunication networks. The Prophet said, “Today people are running to keep their money on mobile money but I saw something coming, I saw taxes being increased which will force the mobile money operators to increase the tariffs. Meaning, in a short while this medium is not going to be safe to transact money. So those who use mobile money, we need to pray before this erupts.”

When the Prophet spoke this message it was realized on media platforms but alas many Ugandans chose to pay a deaf ear; only to grind the prophecy to perfection with rough edges. Indeed as Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso had revealed, the commotion began in the month of April 2018 with the ministry of finance proposing new taxes which included social media tax, Bible tax and mobile money tax among others to create a sustainable revenue base in the national treasury. On 1st July 2018 the ministry of finance unleashed the institution of new taxes as legalized by the government of Uganda, which included the OTT (social media) tax and taxes on mobile money transactions. The imposing of taxes on mobile money transactions caused a nationwide uproar as twenty four million Ugandans who send and receive money through the mobile networks; rose up in discontent against this new tax that had caused a stampeded increase the sending and receiving charges. Among the many who protested against this tax were the mobile money business owners. They allegedly claimed that this tax was a disguised eject burton to push them out of business. Reliable sources reported that this tax had pushed the tariffs on mobile money transactions to increase from 0.5 percent to 1 percent on each transactions as revealed by the Prophet that, “I saw the tariffs being increased” 

True and precise is the revelation of Prophet Hosea- 12:13 “The Lord used a Prophet to bring Israel out of Egypt, by a Prophet he cared for him.”  At the crest of these uproars, during a Wednesday deliverance service on 4th July 2018 at True Vine Communion Ministries for All Nations headquarters in Kampala-Uganda. Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso led the believers to pray for the poor and the low earners who were oppressed by this tax in Uganda. He said, “God cannot keep quite when the poor are oppressed; this nation is for God thus our motto: For God and my country. Where no one cares, Christ is concerned about His people. The Lord has instructed us the weak to pray. Begin to ask Christ to intervene in this situation going on in the nation Uganda. He added we command every evil control to lose our currency. After prayer, he again revealed that, “I am the Lord’s spokesman; God is concerned about the poor. I have seen wind turning documents upside down in a certain office meaning, confusion. God has intervened hence the truth is soon to be revealed. God will not keep quiet in this matter until it is done”

Indeed prophecy is a firm foundation and an anchor on the stormy sea. The following day the 5th of July 2018, the President of the republic of Uganda, General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni summoned the state minister of finance David Bahati and commanded him to cut down the taxes from 1 percent back to 0.5 percent as it was originally. This ceased the whole turmoil and later on that year in the month of October the Ugandan government issued out a full amendment that decreed the mobile money taxes legally 0.5 percent; charged only on withdrawals, with all other extra transaction tariff abolished. Once again it came to pass, that the word of prophecy did redeemed the poor Ugandans. Glory be to the God of Prophets, for Prophecy is our foundation.

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