“Meet the girl behind the graduation gown.”


“Meet the girl behind the graduation gown.”

Flamboyantly dressed in her graduation gown and fresh from the “Ivory tower,” Ms. Abwooli Priscilla stood to testify for the amazing grace of the God of Abraham Richard. With a deep sigh Ms Abwooli exclaimed, “I thank the God of Abraham Richard Bisaso because I have made it to my miracle, See! I have been awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism at Makerere University!” Ms. Abwooli Priscilla narrated that is has indeed been an uphill battle to reach her miracle; she met the servant of God Abraham Richard Bisaso way back in 2012 when she was in senior five. At that time, she was a confused girl with very poor grades in class but after being prayed for by the prophet of God, her grades began improving with every given exam. With God by her side, Ms. Abwooli Priscilla passed her Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education handsomely something she never dreamt of.

Ms. Abwooli Priscilla like any other aspirant youth dreamt of going to university and also excelling professionally in her dream career. However, little did she know that higher level meant higher devil (challenges). Ms. Abwooli Priscilla recalls that in one of her encounters with Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso during her senior six vacation; the prophet revealed that, “Priscilla I see you admitted at Makerere University.” Alas she never took it seriously because Kyambogo was her dream University and even when her Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education results came back she applied to different universities- Kyambogo University, Uganda Christian University and Makerere University. As it is written in Deuteronomy 18:18, “I will raise up from them a prophet like you from among their brothers: I will put my words in his mouth, and he will tell them everything I command him.” Surely as Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso had spoken so it came to pass. Out of the three universities she applied too, including her dream University-Kyambogo it is only Makerere University that gave her a course that she dreamt of pursing-a Bachelors degree in Tourism.

No sooner had she known the name of her faculty hall at Makerere University than challenges knocked on her door; her aunt who used to pay her school fees from childhood told her that she was unable to carry on this financial task. This news only pushed Ms. Abwooli to seek God the more, God was faithful, for through His prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso ,once again He proclaimed, “Do not worry, you are going to university.” As Isaiah 55:11 says indeed this prophetic word never bounced, after it was proclaimed her uncle rang her and said that he was ready to take care of her financially while at University.

February 2013 saw Ms. Abwooli Priscilla ascending the legendary Makerere hill to brand her future. While at University she always sought of the Lord’s guidance because she had witnessed God fulfill everything He had ever said to her. Even when gasoline fumed to fire; that is when she got a retake, the God of Abraham Richard Bisaso stood by her. 5th February 2017 was indeed “a red-letter day” and a turning point in her education life; that day servant of God called upon students and pupils with poor grades to bring their report cards for prayer and Ms. Abwooli Priscilla was one of them. During the prayer session the prophet revealed to her, “I see you graduating.”  In renewed faith she went back to school and was able to pass the retake that had tormented her grades. By the grace of God on 16th January 2018, Ms. Abwooli Priscilla was profoundly awarded her Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism. Today, Ms. Abwooli Priscilla stands to testify affirming that, “Out of hope, the God of Prophet Abraham Richard changed my education destiny from a failure to a success! Glory and honour go back to the miracle working hand of God!

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