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There is only one name that can break any curse, that is the name of Christ Jesus. As we are reminded that at the mention of His name every knee must bow, Ms. Anna Yangi from South Sudan-Juba attests to that. This is an ongoing testimony, everything is working out as God intended, so that we can learn from it.

When she encountered the Prophet of God, there is one dream that kept recurring in her life. She always dreamt when she is having a Holy marriage and obviously, she would get excited. However, on the two occasions, her fiancé wanted to formalise their relationship, circumstances out of their reach occurred and the function would be extended.

This was her sad tale and it pushed her to seek Divine intervention. In faith, she sent her prayer request to TVC Ministries asking the LORD to perfect her relationship with a Holy marriage. She also asked the LORD to intervene in the financial life of her fiancé as well.

As Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso says that; true faith can never disappoint you, it surely was confirmed true when the Holy Spirit, inspired the Prophet to speak to this lady.

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Prophet Abraham Richard met with Ms. Anna and her fiancé to let them know God’s view concerning their life. He revealed to them that their relationship was one set by God, so any reservations they had should be dropped.

Marveled at the Spirit of God’s accuracy, Ms. Anna and her fiancé could only smile. He further revealed, “Out of stability of this relationship, prosperity is coming.” 

With this Word of God in them, they kept fellowshipping waiting upon its perfection by the Grace of God. During the month of April 2022, the Prophet prophetically proclaimed, “In June, there will be a testimony.”

As it was revealed, little did Ms. Anna know that this was her Word. On 18th June 2022, her fiancé came and formally introduced himself to Ms. Yangi Anna’s family. It was a beautiful and colourful ceremony, all glory to God. Lamentations 3:37 [NIV]: Who can speak and have it happen if the Lord has not decreed it?

Ms. Anna recounts, “This formal visitation has really changed the trajectory of not only my relationship, but also my family. My father failed to fully pay dowry for my mother, so traditionally, we still belonged to my mother’s side.

At the time of the visitation, my fiancé met with my maternal uncles and everything was cleared. As I speak now, traditionally, we are back to where we rightfully belong, in the right clan of my father. My other siblings can now get married formally from my father’s side without all the mayhem I went through.”

Ms. Anna and her fiancé are now separated from the past and are now connected to the present and future. As the Prophet revealed, “Out of stability of this relationship, prosperity is coming.” Signs of stability are already being seen and many more to come. Certainly, He who began the good work in this couple will accomplish it for His glory.

It is not yet over, the best is yet to come for this couple in Christ Jesus name!

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