If it had not been for the LORD, Satan would have swallowed Ms. Namawejje Florence and left her for the dead. Her story is one that starts in tears but ends up in immense joy; a reminder that no matter how much Satan attacks you, when Christ Jesus shows up, victory is assured.

She narrated that when she was a young vibrant youth, everything was moving on well. She was in a relationship with her lad, working and having aspirations for their future.  With this smooth sailing, she noted that there was an older gentleman who always claimed her confessing, “You are my wife.”

Whenever she had this man confess these words, she would say that I cannot be with you, you are fit to be my father and leave at that. However with these words, Ms. Florence did not deter the man from always making this evil confession.

Time travelled and she found out that she was pregnant for her boyfriend, happiness filled their lives but it was short lived. When she went for a checkup in her second trimester, the doctors declared her pregnancy a phantom pregnancy.

This was just the beginning of strange happenings in her life, a week later, her lad run mad and his family came and took him away from their home; claiming that Ms. Florence was the cause of his madness.

She was left the solace of the business she was running but that too started getting severe losses and she was left with almost nothing. As Ms. Florence was going through all these challenges, whenever she met the older gentleman, he kept confessing the evil confession, “You are my wife.”

Ms. Florence tried everything in her power to stay aloft with life but it was failing at a dangerous speed. Just when she thought it could not get worse, it did get worse, one day when she thought she had hit rock bottom, situation forced her to become a wife of the older gentleman.

When she reached his home, he went to the village and brought her some herbal medication to use to wash her private parts. At this point, she had lost all will to even ask questions and she did as asked. Thereafter, she slept with her husband and when he found out she was pregnant, he stopped having sexual intercourse.

This is when things took a turn for the worst, Ms. Namawejje started dreaming when she was sleeping with snakes whose face resembled her husband, different men, seeing strange animals coming out of her home regularly.

One particular incident she recounts is how she would see a woman come and carry her baby away from her and bath it. When she told the husband what was happening, he simply kept silent however when she narrated this story to one of her in-laws, they told her that she was lucky because the evil spirit of their mother had blessed her marriage.

Unable to contain her strange marriage, she tried to run out of the marriage but every time she did, her life got worse and she was forced to go back. One of the incidents she recalls was in the month of February 2021. 

She walked out of her unusual marriage and started a new relationship in hopes of being in something normal. But this also was nothing but disaster, when her new man tried to even come close to her, he would literally stop breathing and because of that, that relationship also died.

Out of sheer desperation, she went to different herbalists whom she narrated her problems too so as to be relived of her crazy state but they always told her that; she was spiritually married to a snake called Wasswa what was stronger than them and they could not dare mess with it.

Isaiah 54: 17: no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the Servants of the LORD, and this is their vindication from me declares the LORD [NIV].

Much as she was suffering in the hands of satan, Christ Jesus had not forgotten her and her day of deliverance. Mysteriously, the husband left her for the village and Ms. Florence started staying with her sister.

When she told her sister and friends what she was going through, it was her predestined day and time. She recounted her misery and was directed to True Vine Communion Ministries For All Nations.

Ms. Florence, did not waste time, rather sent in her prayer request and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Prophet Abraham Richard prayed for her and a spiritual battle was raging between light and darkness where LIGHT won.

After the war, the Prophet declared her free in the name of Christ Jesus. What the herbalists feared to touch when it faced light, it was destroyed as the Word of God assures us that at the mention of the name of Christ Jesus every knee must bow.

She now enjoys her sleep, the evil snake and men no longer have sexual intercourse with her and she is a free woman, on her way to a brighter future.

Glory, Glory, Glory to the LORD Almighty.

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