Make someone smile today


Make someone smile today


By the Grace of God and under the instruction of her father in the Lord, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, Minister Nabirumbi Prossy took position at the pulpit relied the Easter message from him to the World:  I wish you a Happy Easter believers. Remember, Easter is not about what you are going to eat or dress but having assurance that Christ is alive. That is the true meaning of Easter. It is about Christ being displayed through the Holy Spirit. The Lord has commanded – Today, make someone happy for Christ Jesus. Someone needs your smile, listening ear or conversation. 

Thereafter, the Minister reminded the believers that it is imperative to always do as the Lord instructs. The reason – because, we as mortal men do not know the ways and the mind of God yet it is only He knows what is best for us. Minister Prossy then led the house of believers into a war prayer, breaking every financial wall that is around the believers of God.

The team setting off for the journey

As the Servant of God, Abraham Richard Bisaso always says that obedience puts you in position to earn salvation; not only did he pass on the message, but he also put the Word in practise. Being a humble and obedient servant, he led the Christ Jesus – Yes football and Netball outreach teams to Kakukulu village in Kayunga District to put smiles on the People’s faces. At 13:00hrs, the team set off in a jovial mood with affirmed faith that they will put a smile to the community of Kakukulu village.

On reaching Kakukulu village, the True Vine Communion team was met with a hearty welcome and the superb meal [1Corinthians 11:33]. Thereafter the teams put on their jerseys and moved to their respective playgrounds for the final warm ups. As this was underway, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso clad in a very casual attire was seen engaging with the locals and some players of Kakukulu FC, a clear depiction that he had come to render smiles and love.

TVC Netball outreach team

In small and large groups, more locals started filling up the ground so as to spend their Easter Sunday with the man of Love. Soon, the games kicked off and you could hear the football coaches yelling instructions to their respective players on what should be done. As did the fans from both teams, as they cheered on their mates on the pitch. By the end of the first half, Kakukulu FC was in the lead however, on the side of Netball, the Christ Jesus – Yes team was in the lead. Nevertheless, what the score board read did not deter any of the True Vine Communion Ministries outreach members to perfect the Word released, “…Today, make someone happy for Christ Jesus. Someone needs your smile, listening ear or conversation.”

Clear and heartily, the Word was evidently being perfected as the locals both young and old were seen enjoying the games at Kakukulu playground, little ones playing and others laughing excitedly as one big happy family of Christ Jesus [Psalm 133:1]. 

After the break, the second half rolled on and at the request of the locals, this time round, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso was the referee at the football pitch. This act was indisputably a reminder of what the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso once revealed in 2016 about the Uganda Cranes team making it to the African Cup of Nations final teams (AFCON).  He revealed that God watches Football. For a Prophet does nothing aimlessly, his involvement in the game was definitely a lesson to everyone that walks under the umbrella of Faith and love; that when you are out do the Will of God, put aside your age, differences, prestige and status; only look at perfecting the Word of God.

Game on, game off players and locals were indeed entertained as every party came from the pitch content with what had taken place – both the winning team [Kakukulu FC] and the losing team [Christ Jesus- Yes]. Like our master Christ Jesus instructs us in Mark 16:15: Go into the world and preach the good news to all creations. Not only did the TVC team enjoy their Easter but they did not forget the core of what took them at all turns.  The team did not stop spreading the practical gospel of Christ Jesus which is repentance, love and truth to the Community of Kakukulu.

The Prophet sharing with the Community

As the sun was setting, the community gathered to receive bread of life [John 6:35]. The Prophet of God now done with refereeing duties went ahead to unveil the glad tidings of our Lord and master Christ Jesus to the waiting community. In his words, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso said: Thank you for receiving us here. Today, I have run more than I had not planned for, but thank you. What brought us here is to give someone joy and to remind you that is there is new life in Christ Jesus because He is risen today. We have brought you some love gifts today also please accept them in name of Christ Jesus.

The Community celebrating after receiving the love gifts

As it is encrypted in the Heavenly archives that the Holy Spirit and Love are twins who move hand in hand. Therefore it is only natural that love will always follow He that carries the Spirit of God. At this point it was beyond doubt that God’s Love was roaming in the dusky horizons of Kakukulu village as the love ambassador Prophet Abraham Richard was accomplishing the Father’s Will. Huge smiles, claps and thanksgiving flooded the grounds as both the netball and football teams received their gifts respectively, thereby bringing to life the instruction of the LORD, “… The Lord has commanded – Today, make someone happy for Christ Jesus…” [1Corinthians 13:8].With the love gifts handed out, each player and community member wanted a handshake with the Prophet; and as a humble as a lamb, he did not refuse because for this purpose he was born.

Thereafter in hyper mood, the coach of Kakukulu FC also delivered a message of appreciation to the guests (TVC Outreach team) for the love gifts given to the teams. He then led the community into a prayer asking God to financially bless the ambassadors for they too had put a timeless smile into their spirits.

It was such a wonderful day and truth be told nobody wanted it to end. In fact a lot was witnessed and perfected by the Holy Spirit. Take for example one of the players saw a chance to receive from the love ambassadors and requested for a pair of boots because he did not have one to play in and help was rendered. This exactly is what Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso always teaches that if you need help, put your pride down and call for it; behold just like the criminal next to Jesus’ cross who received eternal life [Luke 23:42-43]. This lad was not disappointed for he received his request as one of the players from the Christ Jesus -Yes team surrendered his boots in the name of love. In fact if Love was a song, the Kakukulu Community knows it well now; and when it comes to dancing it, they now do heartily. Again, this is precisely what the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso always teaches that love does not fail because she does not wait to have much to give those in need; for when we share what we have, Heaven too smiles.

The Community enjoying a moment with the Prophet

As everyone was beaming up with smiles, one of the Evangelists gave the closing prayer. It is indeed beautifully fulfilling to be obedient to the Word of God. The warm smiles,  un ending goodbyes and come backs  moments that were experienced was a clear sign that the Lord had visited them and they did not want to let Him go as evidenced in the Holy Scriptures in the Ministry of Christ Jesus. [Mark 3:7-8, Luke 18:35, Luke 9:10-11]

As TVC Outreach team bid their farewells, the stars above began singing a new song to mother Earth and all her inhabitants saying, “It is not too late, you too can make someone smile today.”


Minister Genesis Namukose:

I took the message from the Servant of God and made the Community happy through my talent of dancing.  When we reached, I taught one of the Children a few dance strokes and we made a pact that when their side scores, we would make a victory dance for the Kakukulu FC team. Through this, not only was the Child happy but even those present were happy as they were waiting in anticipation to see the victory dance moves.

Minister Gracious Angella:

People do not need a lot to make them happy or smile. Sometimes what People need is so small and you have it. Out of the joy and love that overflows from your heart in giving the little you have, the other person is happy. What the Prophet of God gave them was not a lot but in the little they received, hope was restored. They went home smiling and happy perfecting the revelation, “…go and make someone happy today.”

Nakaliisa Joan:

I do not think I can ever stop learning about love and obedience from the Prophet of God. The Word came out and He made himself available to perfect it. I too, put the Word in perfection as I was giving counseling to one of the netball players on the opposing side who was sad and she ended up smiling. I also made a friend in the game. Thank you, Christ Jesus.

Shariffah Kaitesi from Kakukulu FC – Netball:

I thank the Lord for this opportunity to play Netball. Even though we have lost not all hope is lost.

Minister Gonzaga

When you do what the Lord has commanded you, it is you who benefits the most. When the Lord released the command, I did not hesitate to follow the instructions. I bought a love gift for one of the locals. Upon receiving it, she was extremely happy and to in my spirit I confirmed it too. It was a happiness mash up of Christ Jesus our side.

Ndaba Richard from Kakukulu FC – Football

I thank the Christ Jesus – Yes FC team for coming this way. It has been a good day indeed. What I have learnt especially from them is good behavior, some teams when you play with them and the opposing team scores, fights break out. However, these lads did a good job; when we scored they did not react badly rather, they were gracious.

Nandego Diana – from Kakukulu FC – Netball:

The games were great, I had a great time, I enjoyed the day even though we lost in Netball. Thank you for coming.

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