Under the instruction of His father in the LORD, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, Evangelist Okoth Alfred took position at the pulpit. And led the believers into the message of the day titled;

Maintenance comes by Relationship.

 I know you need the LORD’s intervention in your life. However, I want to inform you that healing comes from the Spirit, then it manifests in the physical.

 It is easy to receive healing but maintaining it is the problem, this is because we lack faith. Believers, we cannot have faith in God unless we have a relationship with Him.

 Luke 5:4: When he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, ‘Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch. The Word of God shows us that Peter was in a state of disappointment, lack and poverty. That is why, he would habitually go to the lake, wash his nets and return home with no hope as usual.

So due to the many disappointments, I believe Peter did not recognise Jesus when he first met Him at the lake. That is why Peter never paid attention to Jesus as He was preaching to the crowd. However, when Christ recognized Peter as one His disciples, immediately, He captured his attention by asking him to help push his boat into the water.  Eventually, He asked him to throw the nets for a catch, thus getting his full attention and hence the divine appointment.

You too believer, I know you may be going through some battles; but Christ is willing and ready to help you. However, the question is, how ready are you to receive Christ’s touch? Do you believe what Peter believed; that one day in the presence of the LORD is better than a thousand days elsewhere?

If yes, then just obey to what the Spirit is saying. Do not worry on how long you have stayed in that state, rather keep believing that Jesus Christ can save you too.  So when He [Jesus] comes and heals you,  look deep into maintaining your healing; for it is the only way you will keep your relationship with Christ just like Peter.

In fact when peter met Christ, he believed and maintained his healing. That is why, Jesus told him that he would become a fisher of men not fish. Alternatively, when Jesus heals you, He expects you to yearn to know Him more. He expects you to maintain that healing. But how can you maintain it?

By changing from the old you to the new you, to be Christ- like; Keeping in God’s presence, loving others, praying and practicing His Word.

 By doing so, it will help you build a relationship with God.  Look at Peter, he ended up receiving Jesus and he lived for Him. Even you too child of God, Christ can change your story like He did Peter’s.  You too can become a door of salvation to many souls just like the adulterous woman who ended up buying an expensive perfume and poured it on Jesus’s feet [Mark 14:3-9].

Therefore, healing and maintenance are personal and so are challenges. Challenges are part of our lives, but through love, humility and obedience to God’s instructions, you can maintain your healing. The reason why evil spirits return to us is because we do not keep in the atmosphere of maintenance [Luke 11:24-26]. So learn to make maintenance your priority.

PRAYER: Holy Spirit of Jesus, give me the Grace to know you so that I can maintain my healing. Amen.

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