It is also a known fact globally that God is the author of True Love as encrypted in John 3:16. We all know that when He sent His Son to Earth, His message was not different from His Father; it is all about -True Love.

Christ Jesus teaches us in Matthew 22:37-36 about the greatest commandments. Verse 39 says: And the second is like it: “Love your neighbour as yourself.”

As it is said by Christ Jesus, His Servant Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso has not diverted from that Word. Since the inception of True Vine Communion Ministries For All Nations, he has seamlessly lived by this principle under the instruction of the Holy Spirit.

Whilst the Prophet has taught a lot about Love, there is one particular mystery he revealed that was an answered prayer for a lot of Christians. Many wanted to know how they can be perfect before the Father. To that he replied, if you want to be perfect before the Father, Love as Christ Jesus Loves.

In another message, he profoundly said that we are each other’s blessing. Meaning, there is a great need to keep an eye on your neighbour by caring for them. Prophet Abraham is not just a giver of the Word of God; He also puts it in practise as a good teacher. 

Let us recount one particular story that will surely leave you amazed at God’s Love. We pray that as you move with us in this Love journey, may the LORD change your life and make you a cheerful giver in the name of Christ Jesus [Proverbs 22:9].

Because God is a Spirit, He will use His Servants to express Himself through them to mankind. Out of the many, He searched and found His Servant Abraham Richard worthy to carry the Love Banner high in Buikwe district.

Under the authority of the Holy Spirit, the Prophet was instructed to go visit some elders in Buikwe District and show them love.

As an obedient and ever willing Servant, the Prophet and the True Vine Communion partners set out to the Fathers Will. Gabbed with Love gifts as mature Christians, they moved from one elder to another bringing big beautiful smiles on their faces.

As the Prophet was visiting the elders, the Heavens were watching over his Love walk and using him as a mouth piece to save souls.

Some elders did not only spend quality time with Prophet Abraham Richard and his team, but they got to hear the Mind of God concerning their lives. As per the Will of God, some were advised to reconcile with everyone they were not on good times with. Indisputably, this is the true gospel of our Lord and master Christ Jesus; the gospel of Love, forgiveness and reconciliation.

During this Love mission Prophet Abraham Richard visited a blind old lady that had been blind for over three years. Three years for an old lady without seeing must be heart breaking not only for her but for her care givers as well. Divine Love walks have divine wills set by the Father, listen to how Christ set the old lady free.

When we take about Love, 1 Corinthians 13:1 [NIV]: If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.

This means that without love, we are nothing. The Prophet also emphasises regularly that for one to become a candidate of Heaven he/she must take care of his/her neighbours. Ms. Nakato Francis a blind old lady from Kobba Village in Buikwe District lived a complex life for over three years.

From the time she lost her sight, many of her relatives abandoned her because they did not want that responsibility of fending after her. By then, she was living with a few of her young grandchildren in her home.

“While I was in the garden digging, my hoe got spoilt. As I was trying to fix it, a small piece of wood hit my eye which generated pain to it. Later in the day, I went back home due to the intense pain. I asked one of my little grandchildren to bring me an eye drop so that I would administer it in the eyes.

My self-medication only did more harm to me. The eye became worse and it caused extreme pain instead. It is then that I was advised to go visit an eye specialist to advise me on what to do next.

When we reached Jinja Hospital, I was advised by the physician to remove my right eye to ease the extreme pain. As advised by a medical doctor, my right eye was removed and the pain reduced, however, I would get headaches from time to time.

Exactly after a year, the one eye I had left, on my left side started paining excessively. Eventually, it stopped functioning thus leading to my total blindness. While in this state, I totally depended on my grandchildren.

They used to do all the work for me yet they had school to attend also. It was such a trying moment for me in that I had nothing to do but to always pray and ask the LORD to help me get my sight back,” Ms. Nakato narrated all this to the Prophet when he brought her Love gifts.

Isn’t amazing how the Holy Spirit can position you to meet someone who is the answer to your prayers? Ask the woman of the blood issue, she will agree.

After the old lady’s narration, the Prophet of God replied with Love that he and the TVC Ministries partners would fund the second eye operation so that she would receive her sight back.

John 14:15: If you love me, keep my commands. Indeed, true and true is the Word of God, the Prophet emulated his master Christ Jesus.

Her operation was scheduled in Mengo Hospital – Kampala District. This, the Prophet and the partners did, caused the long lost smile on the old lady’s face to resurface. With joy she thanked the Prophet for the great opportunity given her as she awaited the surgery.

In much excitement and anticipation Ms. Nakato and the team set off for first doctor’s appointment on the D day. There her eye was examined and she was all set for the next chapter.

She was then taken to the theater for an operation. The doctors by the Grace of God worked tooth and nail and it was a successful operation to the Glory of God.

Ms. Nakato came out of the theater, a new elder and ready to conquer the world once again. She testifies:“I feel a lot of joy and I thank the Prophet of God for what he has done with the Angels of the LORD.

When the bandage was removed, the doctors asked me if I could see and I said yes. I could not believe it too but Hallelujah I would see! Thank you LORD.”

Next to Ms. Nakato was the daughter, Ms. Nanyonga Florence and she had this to say,“My mother has been blind for some time now. We actually took her to Jinja hospital and the physicians advised us to remove her left eye which they did. After a short while, even the second eye went blind.

I thank the LORD for what He has done for my mother. When the Prophet was carrying out charity, he miraculously landed on my mother. We managed to explain her state and it ended up with the Prophet taking her for an operation in Mengo Kampala District.

For sure, her eye was fixed by the Grace of God and now my mother can see. Thank you LORD. When all hope was lost, the LORD remembered us. This act the Prophet of God has done, compelled me to become born again within my heart.

I am so challenged according to what the Prophet of God has done. Truthfully, he is not physically related to my mother but he has rendered help. In fact am going to collect everyone and we testify to them what the God of Abraham Richard has done for us.

I have learnt that God is everything, and I need to trust and believe in Him more. I am challenged; the Prophet is not related to us but he funded our operation.”

When elder Nakato finally walked without being helped and led, she exclaimed, “I feel too much joy I am so happy.”

Among the Ministry team that went with Ms. Nakato was Minister Mukisa Gift and she said, “I felt so happy after seeing the old lady’s eye functioning. People were asking a lot of questions of what had happened because the old lady has been blind for three years.

I thank God even the doctor who attended to her worked tooth and nail to recover elder Nakato’s sight.

When she reached home she had forgotten what the grandchildren looked like but was so glad to talk and see them. Today many people visit her to witness the working hand of God.  Thank you LORD.”

Believers, remember there is always a Lazarus out there on your door that needs your help, attention, care to mention but a few. Are you a Christian? If yes, then you can only be seen and known by your works of Love.

Last but not least, let us never forget that whatever Christ Jesus does is not kept in secrecy but for men to hear and be saved. Oftentimes, Prophet Abraham Richard says that, God does not heal us to waste time, rather, for His names sake.

Surly as per the testimonies in this reading, His name is being glorified. Glory goes back to the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

I want to remind you that there is nothing the LORD cannot fix; because Jesus Christ is the only answer to every man’s question. #AbrahamRichardBisaso

Believers, if you take care of men, God will take care of you. Give attention to those that need it so that when you come before God He can give you attention. #AbrahamRichardBisaso

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