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At the beginning of the year 2020, the Prophet of God, Abraham Richard Bisaso revealed about the eternal values of forgiveness and reconciliation.  With this, he launched a new wave of forgiving and reconciling with our neighbours, families and everyone else we could have wronged. To the world, this revelation could seem like any other cliché, but to those born of the Holy Spirit this was an opening of an eternal spring. As John 7:38 says that whoever believes in me will have rivers of living water flowing out of his heart. So it came to pass that whoever put this Word (revelation) in practice, he/she has become a spring of living water. So today they testify.


Ms. Nansamba Francisca from Konge- Kampala was among the blessed few to receive the Prophetic message, “’Forgive and reconcile.” This was a perfect message for her because she had been a victim of unforgiveness for several years.

She said as a young girl, she heard a rumour that one of her paternal aunts had been the reason as to why her father had died. As a young girl, she took it to be the gospel truth and never wanted anything to do with her “evil labeled” aunt from that time on.

Surely, this adamant rumour brought nothing good but only trouble. Infact, it only caged the four corners of Ms. Nansamba’s life to the extent that even when she had any good news, she would not dare tell this aunt of hers. She thought that her aunt would perform witchcraft rituals to deter her from excelling. Even when she gave birth to her Children, she did not want her aunt to even touch them. 

 Ms. Nansamba explained that whenever she met with her aunt on a family function, she was always on tension thinking she is near a witch who could easily kill her.

However, when the Prophet revealed about forgiveness and reconciliation, Ms Nansamba’s heart went straight to her paternal aunt. She knew deep within her it was time to let go and to build a new relationship with her aunt. In the divine power of love, forgiveness and reconciliation she met with her aunt and the past was all resolved. She no longer has that demonic fear of her aunt killing and destroying her and her family.

The revelation did not stop at only that but it brewed a unique renaissance in Ms. Nansamba’s spiritual life. She narrated that she had another aunt who took care of her when she was suffering from sickle cells.  However, after she got healed by the Grace of God, Ms. Nansamba cut ties with her nursing aunt. She stopped picking up her phone calls or visiting her, for in her mind set; every time this aunt of hers called she was asking her for money.

So when the message came that; reconcile and care for your neighbours, she remembered her aunt. Ms. Nansamba travelled all the way to Masaka District for a reconciliation visit. She said that her aunt was very happy to see her long lost daughter thriving well in her life. She was very excited to see her with Children. She witnessed that today all is well with her aunts and she is now truly a free woman courtesy of forgiveness and reconciliation.


Ms. Nabayunga Esther from Kabojja- Kampala too testified to the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. For indeed, He is a fountain of wisdom. She said that when the anointed sticker of forgiving and reconciling was released, the Spirit of God upon it convicted and reminded her of the People she had to reconcile with.

Reciting the names of these People in her mind, she set off to Masaka District and started off at her paternal aunt’s home. She narrated that she had harboured resentment for this aunt ever since she was a little girl.  This all started with an anonymous rumour that her paternal aunt once confessed that Ms. Esther and her sisters would never get married. This rumour caused hatred and division in their household to the extent that Ms. Esther would never step at the aunt’s house.

This concreted situation kept on running for over twenty years until 2020 when by the Grace of God; she put God’s Word in practise thus guiding her to her aunt’s home. While there, Ms. Esther asked her aunt for forgiveness which she was granted. Significantly, they discussed about the rumour and it was confirmed that it was indeed nothing but an evil scheme that was set to destroy their family. 

From there, Ms. Esther set out next to her father’s home to mend what she had broken. She explained that; when she had an encounter with Christ Jesus she decided to abandon her father because he was associated to witchcraft. However, with this revelation glowing up in her spirit like a candle light, she went home fully aware that she is the light and it is only her that will bring light to her home.

On reaching home, she was welcomed by the father and they had a beautiful conversation. To confirm that indeed Christ Jesus was moving with her, this time round her father never brought up any conversation concerning witches and witchcraft like he used to in her previous visits. Meaning the light in her had begun to emerge.

Still counting down the final name on her reconciliation list, Ms. Esther trekked to her final journey where she visited her Uncle’s home. Slicing down the layers of the past, she narrated that while growing up, she stayed with her uncle but it was not a smooth ride for her, more so with her uncle’s wife.

On reaching her Uncle’s home, she met his wife who welcomed her with so much joy and confessed, “It has been such a long time since you visited us.” It was then that Ms. Esther opened up to as to why she cut ties with her Uncle’s family, which was nothing other than mistreating her as a child. On hearing this, her aunt requested her that, “We should forget the past.” Ms. Esther said that hearing those words was like music to her ears, she was relieved and light at heart.

She said that with these reconciliations done, she immediately felt peace in her heart. It is without doubt that it was a fruitful day for Ms. Esther as she put the Word of God in practise.


Ms. Nakintu Madina from Mutundwe -Kampala too shared her experience after she obeyed to the Word of God – love, forgiveness and reconciliation. She exclaimed, “I thank the Lord for His Word that He brought on to us of True forgiveness is reconciliation. The truth is I had been a prisoner of unforgiveness for several years. Even when I tried as a person to forgive,  my efforts were always futile because the pain always came back haunting me.”

Ms. Madina narrated that five years ago when her sister was in financial constraints, she welcomed her in her marital home. Unspeakably, her sister and the husband did the unthinkable when they committed adultery and it later turned out into a relationship. When Ms. Madina found out, she chased both the husband and the sister from the home and cut all ties with them.

Since then, she had not heard or seen her sister until the Prophet released the True forgiveness and reconciliation sticker. In her heart she knew that this was the right time to go and reconcile with her sister.

Ms. Madina took the gospel of love and reconciliation to her sister which was received in love. The sister also apologised for what had transpired and they built new roots of their relationship based in Christ Jesus. She said that after that reconciliation, she felt free and at peace in her heart.

In this new found freedom and peace, Ms. Madina also remembered that she was at logger heads with her own mother for seventeen years. She recounted that she was told a story while growing up about her birth. When she was an unborn child, her father rejected her claiming that the pregnancy was not his. This misunderstanding led to Ms. Madina’s mother giving birth to her daughter (Madina) from the neighbour’s home.

From that time, Ms. Madina lived a life of loneliness and rejection. As a child, she never tasted any parental love. She said that when she became an adult, her father eventually accepted her. However, this reversed the roles as her mother now rejected her instead. This went on forth that even when she invited her mother to her marital introduction ceremony she declined to attend.

After that incident, Ms. Madina cut all ties totally and completely with her mother. Even when she gave birth to her daughter, she never allowed her mother (the grandmother) to  visit or even have an interaction with the daughter. Behold, after seventeen long years, the message of truth and reconciliation came knocking on her heart saying, “go reconcile.”

Compelled by the Holy Spirit, Ms. Madina moved on to her ancestral home to visit her mother along with her daughter whom the mother had never seen. On reaching the family homestead, she informed her mother that she was there as per the instruction of the LORD. She then apologised for the long separation that had occurred. Her mother was happy to see her and said, “Indeed, it is the LORD who has sent you here. I too, will be coming to visit that Church that preaches reconciliation and forgiveness.”


Ms. Nakirijja Sharon from Kyamula- Kampala authenticated the power of God imparted upon the love, forgiveness and reconciliation message as revealed through the lips of His Prophet Abraham Richard. She testified that this message cut her heart like a surgical blade. Ms. Nakirijja narrated that when her father passed on, she and her other two sisters were put in the guardianship of her paternal uncle.

However, five years ago when one of her biological sisters brought her fiancé for introduction and for a paternal blessing, her uncle tossed all her sister’s pursuits in the trash. Ms. Nakirijja said that this angered her so much to the point that she exchanged bitter words with her uncle. She noted that, this marked the beginning of the rift between her and her uncle and this is how it was for five years.

Nevertheless, all this changed the moment the reconciliation message came up. Ms. Nakirijja expounded that the moment the message sunk is her spirit, she rose up and went to Masaka to meet and reconcile with her uncle. She said that against all odds, her uncle welcomed her gladly. With this Ms. Nakirijja told him that she had come to ask for forgiveness and in Jesus’ name her uncle granted her plea.

After forgiving her, her uncle went on to say “I have been waiting for you to come all along. Now you have my blessings go on with your work.” Ms. Nakirijja noted that not only did these words of blessing surprise her, but it made her realise that indeed she had been missing this portion of blessing in her life.

Epilogue: We glorify the name of the LORD for releasing the message of forgiveness and reconciliation for it has healed and restored many souls, families and relationships. Remember what Prophet Abraham Richard says, “Reconciliation solves problems both spiritual and physical.”  So share these testimonies with someone for the salvation of their soul. Hallelujah!

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