“For every lie I told, to maintain it, I would have to say 20 more,” that was the life 18year old Darius lived for the past two years.  He narrated that 30th of August 2021, was his day of redemption. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso was instructed to meet believers on zoom for Christ Jesus was willing to change their stories.

 Darius was honored to be among those that encountered the Spirit of God that day. During the service, the Prophet revealed to Darius that, “I see a spirit of lies in you. Lies are part of you now. Today, you are Christian, tomorrow, you are not.” Darius confirmed that this revelation was perfectly true because that was the life he was living.

He confirmed that, he would go out of his way to lie to anyone regardless of age to keep up appearances before his friends and girlfriends. He was known among his friends as a rich, cool kid but when the situation changed, he opted to lie to keep up appearances.

At one time, he lied to his friends that he was abroad, and the struggle was real to maintain being “abroad” while in Uganda. He was always in a state of panic of being found out. To make matters worse, his mother had started for him a small business and he used it as the base of his lies.

When his mother found out about the lying spree he was on, he was beaten but it did not stop Darius from lying again the following day. He did not care about the consequences of lies; all he cared about was keeping his lie intact. In those two years, even when he attended the zoom services, he never did it from his heart; it was to keep up appearances before everyone that he was still saved.

This evil spirit had taken over his life that lying came second to nature for him. His desire to keep up appearances made him an easy target for satan to dominate his entire life. That was the lifestyle of Darius until light appeared in his life.

As the Word of God clearly states in Matthew 18:12-13, that the Lord Almighty is not willing to lose any of His sheep, it was evident that day. The Holy Spirit used Prophet Abraham Richard to remove this teenage boy from the jaws of satan, the father of all lies.

After deliverance, Darius was liberated from the spirit of lies for the glory of God. He is now a young boy who is engrossed in prayer as directed by the Spirit of God. He also notes that the business that his mother gave him is moving smoothly and he is now focused.

Next to him; was his mother beaming with smiles; she said: I thank the God of Prophet Abraham Richard because he attended to one of the issues that have been bothering me.

A few weeks ago, I was listening to TVC Radio Uganda and the Prophet instructed us to give our issues to God. At that time, Darius was my issue because of the lifestyle he was living, and I gave it to God because I had failed to change him.

This was a clear indication that whatever was going on in my son’s life needed a greater power for it to be fixed. I thank the Lord that He rendered that support through His Prophet, now my son is free from the spirit of lies.

Thank You LORD JESUS CHRIST! Glory and honour goes back to the mighty deliverer –Christ Jesus.

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