Let there be a testimony:


Let there be a testimony:

The good news is that the LORD is willing to revive your faith through a testimony because a testimony in a Christian’s life energizers faith in God. This whole week, I have been praying for your testimonies – Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso proclaimed. Remember that there is no mountain that God has not climbed. 


The spiritual world is so real and true however, many of us are too blind to acknowledge its existence. Surely everything that happens in the mortal world; be it good or bad it all begins in the spirit. On this, Mr. Okoth Alfred of Salaama – Munyonyo testified for the mighty God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso who snatched him out of the evil net of masturbation.

Mr. Okoth said that for fourteen good years, he was a victim of masturbation. He narrated that this habit kicked off when he was in primary six when a friend of his introduced him to this vice claiming that it will bring him pleasure. Pitifully Mr. Okoth did not know that he was cracking a deal with the devil by simply listening to what he being told. Alas, satan was at that time smiling cunningly while plotting for his newest catch.

He explained that this vice grew unknowingly and it brought forth evil fruits in his secondary school, all through to university until his young adult life. At this time, letting go of this habit was close to impossible. He was ever masturbating day in day out.

Mr. Okoth said that the vice became part of him that he was always thinking about it even in class. Sometimes, he was pushed out of his will and conscience to find a hide out and satisfy this burning urge in him. Indeed a idle mind is a devil’s workshop and Mr. Okoth to was no exception for he too became a devil’s warehouse.

Without compromise, spiritual women joined the lustful wagon, this was complimented by shyness and distancing from the opposite sex for in him he felt already married to someone. Whatever he might have desired from the opposite sex he could attain through masturbation.
In this state, masturbation made him lose focus, self hate, shame and he sought a cure but all was in vain.

Mr. Okoth went to herbalists and tried as a man but he failed at all times, he always went back to his old habits. He stayed in this pit of darkness until the year 2017 when he received a spoken a spoken Word from the servant of God, Abraham Richard Bisaso saying, ” come closer to me Alfred.” [John 15:3, You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you.]

On receiving that Word, he surrendered himself to the Lord and through that he was delivered from that evil spirit. Beaming with smiles, he said that it has now been two years and he has never felt the urge to masturbate again. 
We give glory to the Lord for delivering this gentleman.

A word of advice to the world from Mr. Okoth: These habits that we pick along the way, do not take them lightly, satan uses them to connect himself to us and by the time we are aware of what is going go, we are fully captured. 
Believers, do not die with your issue, you cannot fight satan on your own, seek Christ Jesus who is able to turn your story.


Ms. Namugabi Shamira praised the name of the Living God for the life transforming deliverance that the Lord has bestowed upon her. She narrated that she began eating clay in 2001 when she was in Primary six. What started out as something so simple became a night mare for this lady. Whenever she had breakfast, lunch and dinner it was never complete without clay.

When she missed eating it, something was amiss in her until she ate the clay. She carried this habit to high school to the extent that when she was doing her shopping, clay was a must on her shopping list.

This addiction led her to get ringworm’s and constipation but she did not care, all she wanted was to eat more clay. On reaching University, she was now ashamed of the addiction but it did not stop her to hide and eat it.

When Ms. Shamira started to fellowship from True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations, she witnessed different People testify for the Lord for delivering them from addictions similar to hers.

As she was seated there in service tired and fed up of her habit, she made a prayer from the heart saying, ‘O’ Lord, I am so tired of this habit, please help me and deliver me.’ When she made that prayer in that same service, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso said that, “do not force deliverance; it will come to you at the right time.”

It is certainly true that God’s time is the best time, it has been one year, five months now and Ms. Shamira is free from that vice. Indeed a prayer from the heart is an answered prayer. Glory and honour go back to the Lord.


With gratitude Ms. Nansamba Francisca of Konge –Kampala testified for the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso who turns shame into beauty. She testified that for over a decade she had been in this relationship with her boyfriend whom she always longed to officially introduce to her family. This long term affair went on untamed as they moved in together in 2009 as man and woman but only in disguise. Severally, she would pester her boyfriend to go pay an official visit to her parent’s home as a son in law but it was all like chasing the wind. However, all this was about change.

In 2012 Ms. Nansamba joined True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations where she met the servant of God Abraham Richard Bisaso. Upon her encounter with the prophet of God, her prayer chart had one burning request among others; that is for her boyfriend to come to her home for a formal traditional ceremony. As Jeremiah 32:27: I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?  True is this Word, six years after her encounter with the Prophet; Ms. Nansamba’s boyfriend who was by then the father to her two children, surprisingly and without even being pushed, announced to her that he was ready to officially go  to her parent’s home as a son in law.

This brilliant news set Ms. Nansamba’s mind and toes of fire as 30th March 2019 was set as the due date. Soon, everyone around her was excited with this news apart from one ancient schemer, satan. With his old tricks, the devil tried to sabotage this arrangement by making her children sick leading to a financial crisis.  However, his plans were futile because He that watches over Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers. 

Knowing that this battle was not for her to fight, Ms. Nansamba contacted the ministry and let be known of the insecure state of her introduction plans. She said that as soon she was contacted, she was privileged to have a word with the Prophet who prayed for her saying, “Your household is free and about that ceremony it will be.” He once again emphasised, “It is like I am joking but it will be.”

Indeed as the Prophet had proclaimed, it happened. A week prior to the due date, her they were able to financially settle everything they needed for the initial introduction ceremony. Ms. Nansamba explained that the ceremony turned out to be a perfect dream function any girl under the sun dreamed of.  We give God the glory Hallelujah.

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