Judge not.


Judge not.

Amidst soulful worship led by the choir, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso gracefully took his position at the pulpit. His first remarks were, “Begin to thank the Lord for the Grace He has given you through this week. It has not been your strength or ability but Grace.” Recapping the prayer of Wednesday-6th February 2019, the Prophet reminded the believers what the Lord said: “All this while, satan has been running after you but the time is now. Stop running and face him. Having heard those words of encouragement, the congregation with joyous shouts affirmed that indeed they had stopped running as per the dreams they had.  

Thereafter, the Prophet led the Congregation into the message of the day titled, “Judge not.” With reference from the gospel of Saint Matthew 7: 1-3; the Servant of God said that, some of us look at others and begin to judge them for their actions. However, before you point fingers at others, examine yourself; you may be an advanced sinner than the person you are judging. Before you judge, think about your righteous stand and most importantly do not forget that whenever you start judging others, you have taken the place of God. (Romans 12:19)

The Servant of God bringing more light to this message said that, judging others is a sin the Church engrossed in and has not yet discovered. It is not just the Church but even the World is swimming in it. He then cautioned the believers not to be so quick in judging People but to always seek to understand before they start throwing stones.

Let us keep it in our hearts that God is the only true judge because He [God] judges motives while humans judge actions. Citing an example of the woman caught in adultery, the Prophet noted that when the teachers of the law came condemning the woman; Christ Jesus spoke contrary because he sought the Father’s Will. The Church today should pick a leaf by not judging the actions, rather, judge the motives as guided by the Father. (John 8:1-11)

The Prophet then noted that most of us are too righteous today which gives us “authority” to judge others. However, we are not more righteous than the Pharisees who did not cast any stone on the adulterous woman. Today some Christians are under judgment because they judged others. Hence reaping what they sowed.  “Let us learn not to judge others,” the Prophet cautioned the congregation because the reason our offertory is rejected is none other than judging. Summing up the message of the day, Prophet Abraham Richard gave a take home note for the believers, “Judging others grips you in sin, keeps you in bondage and hinders God from forgiving you.”

We believe that with this truth packed message, your life will not be the same when you put it in practise. 

In addition to that, make this prayer confession: O’ Lord help me not to judge others.

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