“I will not entertain my enemy.”


“I will not entertain my enemy.”


From the upper room, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso took his spiritual position to let the believers to the throne of Grace and Mercy. His first words were “Prepare your spirit for prayer.” In that prayer mood, he then steered the believers in the day’s message titled, “I WILL NOT ENTERTAIN MY ENEMIES” with a reading from the book of Judges 16: 25-28; “while they were in high spirits, they shouted, “Bring out Samson to entertain us.” So they called Samson out of prison, and he performed for them.”(NIV)

To the attentive congregation, the Prophet unveiled that, “When you look in the spiritual world, you are the “Samson” because you are now weak in prayer.” Your enemies are now celebrating over your weakness because you are no longer a threat to them. Look at this scripture, Samson in the hands of the Philistines his enemy; with no eyes and they are mocking him. This is what is happening to you too. The Servant of God marginalized that, when we are weak our enemies are celebrating and thanking their gods because whatever you do is not producing positive results and so they now have you in their reach. Look at how troubled your marriage, ministry and finances are?  Is it sin, no customers, no faith, discouragement or are you sick in body? This is what satan is using to laugh at you; he is using your previous fame to mock you. With this, the Prophet then led the believers into prayer. “Rise up now and avert this, say; “My situation shall not give joy to my enemies –I SAY NO! In the name of Jesus Christ.”

With insight, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso revealed that, It is too stupid to laugh at David when he falls, because very soon he will to put himself right with God and will return. They may be laughing and mocking you but, your God has come down today to strengthen you like He did with Samson. Your fame will not be used by my enemies to mock God; your Family will not be used by my enemies to mock God. The Lord you serve is the God of power and His word has never fallen on the ground. You will not entertain your enemies so says the Lord. As the wind moves the trees; you to shall be moved by the Spirit of God to prosperity, peace and freedom.

Prayer: Father, forgive my sins and give me strength one more time to gain momentum over my enemies.

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