I was delivered from an evil spirit of eating dead people:


I was delivered from an evil spirit of eating dead people:

Firm like the foundations of Jerusalem, Ms. Namwembe Sumayiah from Luwombo in Buikwe District testified for the ever merciful God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, who snatched her like a burning stick out of fire. She said, “I am truly grateful for this God because He redeemed me out of the dungeons of evil that no man could ever reach.”

She narrated that before she encountered Prophet Abraham Richard, she was haunted by an evil spirit of cannibalism since 2014. This evil spirit had her wrapped in a spell that at certain times, out of nowhere, she would abruptly be overshadowed by a smell similar to that of dead bodies, followed by irrational anger that would cause her to yell at everyone around her.

In addition to that, she would dream when she was with the dead. Every night in her dreams, she would see herself walking with the deceased in cemeteries, eating dead bodies with them and sometimes having sexual intercourse with them. Ms. Sumayiah clarified that in this evil grip, she developed fear to sleep, as she was afraid of getting endless nightmares.

Ms. Sumayiah expounded that as time went by; this evil spirit evolved and shifted gears, she would get out of her consciousness. She began hearing evil whispers in her ears and soul compelling her to go out to grave yards and bring out dead bodies and eat them. As much as she was facing this horrible condition, she refused to give in to the demands of satan and this is how she vowed never to attend any burial for fear of the repercussions.

This decision did not please the devil and so he crafted another scheme. In this particular setting, Ms. Sumayiah recounted a day when her uncle passed on. This time around every family member had to attend, her inclusive.

She recollected that the moment she came close to her deceased uncle she felt happy and began to get out of control. She started having abrupt icy breathe, followed by recurring goose bumps all over her body. Ms. Sumayiah noted that at this point the evil compelling voice was commanding her to fetch the dead body out of the casket. This evil voice was so resounding to a point that her head began pounding restlessly.

With nowhere to go, given the fact that she was just a visitor in that vicinity, she decided to force herself into sleep. However, the spirit of cannibalism was not asleep. While everyone was deep in sleep in the late night, Ms. Sumayiah felt someone shaking and waking her up.

The evil voice informed her that now was the best time to go and carry out her dead uncle’s body which was in the sitting room and leave with it since nobody was awake. In that moment she began to see her dead uncle in a zoom – like sight. What she did at that time, was to cry out loud until those close to her rose up and comforted her.

In anguish and terror, after the burial Ms. Sumayiah informed her parents about what had been happening to her. However in sheer spiritual blindness and deafness, her parents took her from one witch doctor to another yet nothing worked out. Instead they lost every penny they had to satan’s lies for satan never cast out satan as it is written in Mark 3:24.

However, Christ came to seek for the lost (Luke 19:10). Ms. Sumayiah by the grace of God encountered Gospel ministers in 2018 who had come to her village to preach the Good news. This is how she was directed to True Vine Communion Ministries For All Nations. At the pool of life transformation, she was prayed for by Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and that was the beginning of her testimony.

Ms. Sumayiah said, “The day I was on the prayer line was my day of freedom.” That is when the spirit of cannibalism left her life for good. The moment the Prophet of God laid his hand upon her, she immediately fell to the ground and that marked the end of satan’s dominion in her life. She rose up from the ground a free woman and from then on she no longer has dreadful dreams and that evil voice disappeared.  Infact, salvation came not only to her but to her home as well.

Glory and honour to the One that takes our shame and infirmities away – CHRIST JESUS.

NOTE: It is only Christ Jesus that can take away your troubles, no matter how complex they seem to be. Before Him, they mean nothing because He is above all things.

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