I used to eat my own mucus:


I used to eat my own mucus:

They say “old habits die hard,” but that is only when Jesus is not on the scene; the moment He surfaces every one of them becomes ash. Nevertheless, some entrapments look so normal to be noticed by mortal eyes, unless one has a spiritual magnifying lens which is only built by the Holy Spirit. On this page, Ms. Nabayunga Esther of Kabojja- Wakiso District tells her story as she testified for the ever perfect God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso.

She narrated that it all began when she was of a tender age, she contracted flu and it was from there that she developed a habit of eating her mucus. This habit later turned into an addiction as she grew older and literally out of control. As she grew bigger, the addiction too grew deeper within her, eventually Ms. Nabayunga became a mother but peculiarly the disgusting habit was far from done. Instead it shifted levels to the point that she was compelled daily to eat the mucus even when she hated whatever she was doing.

Whenever the urge to eat her mucus came, even if she was in People she always found a way to sneak out to where she would pluck out dried mucus layers from her nose and feed her urge. This embarrassing addiction caused her to get swellings in her nose plus severe headaches yet everything she tried as a person to stop it was in vain; as she was always back at zero.

As it written in the Gospel of Saint Matthew 11:28: Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Ms. Nabayunga Esther came tired with her addiction before the LORD seeking for a solution from the solution giver Christ Jesus.

Ms. Nabayunga recounted the day she was delivered, it was indeed tailor made for her; because the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso under the guidance of the Holy Spirit led the believers into a prayer breaking every evil addiction. In faith, Ms. Nabayunga Esther broke that addiction that had tormented her all her life. She testified that from that day on wards, the urge to eat mucus left her completely. She is now a free woman who is enjoying God’s goodness, mercy and love.

Praise be to the Lord Christ Jesus and Glory be to the Spirit; for He is again teaching something to the Church in this testimony. Hallelujah!

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