I tried to commit suicide:


I tried to commit suicide:

While testifying for the big God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, Sister Nalubega Halima of Makindye- Kampala exclaimed, “I am alive today only because of God.” She narrated and said that ever since she was young, she always dreamt of a man who wanted to kill her. As time went on, this dream began manifesting systemically both spiritually and physically in her life.

 Sister Nalubega noted that she was born with a medically incurable disease and hence visiting hospitals for medication was part of her monthly routine. Inevitably, tablets became part of her; however rejection and isolation from her own people was too much of a cross to bear. Right from within her own homestead people keep on pointing fingers at her not to mention calling her awkward names affiliated to her illness.

 At School, she hardly had any friends and those she claimed to be were never loyal or empathetic to her. She recounted one time during her sickly days she got so ill that she missed school for a number of days. Surprisingly; her would be close friend announced her dead at school and even took courtesy of collecting condolence funds to give to Sister Nalubega’s family. Sometime later when she reported back to school, everyone thought they were seeing a ghost. Sister Nalubega recalled that this stunt her friend planned broke her both physically and spiritually. She started feeling sorrow beyond her age and control that she always contemplated on committing suicide.

She said that by 2017, her life line was warning dead – red, it was then that she started falling sick more regularly. When she went to hospital, they tested her for Tuberculosis and the doctors informed her that if she was infected, they would give her a call. However, they did not call either because he issue was already at the table of the LORD.

That same year, mysteriously, she started losing her sight and she came to the Lord seeking for deliverance. This time round, the Spirit of God through the Prophet instructed her to go and pray asking God to give her the grace to see. In obedience and faith she made the prayer and from that day she gained new sight from the Heavens.  This step to her deliverance did not make the devil happy rather it angered him the more. Being the schemer, he began creeping in Sister Nalubega’s thoughts reminding her that she is not worthy of Christ Jesus’ love and talking her into committing suicide.  Under this evil influence, she over dosed herself but God’s protecting hand was holding steadily on her. With this, her family rushed her to hospital and the nurses informed them that she was trying to commit suicide.

She explained that even when all this happened to her, nobody paid any attention to it or to her needs. It was as if she was useless and unwanted in the World. This was her wakeup call as she quickly rushed to her Church at TVC Ministries and she was blessed to have an encounter with Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. She relied the situation she was going through to him and him being a Prophet, he first inquired from His master Christ Jesus on what to do. The Prophet was instructed to pray for her and this launched her road to deliverance.

On 31st December 2017, the Prophet of God under the instruction of the Holy Spirit called her. He told her that, she was going to be the first to take a drop of that season’s Heavenly water and it would resurrect her from the dead. This Spiritual act was to completely break her spirit free from death that had been following her since Childhood. She recounted that after taking a drop of the Heavenly water, she saw herself in another world surrounded with People dressed in black garments pulling her in an essence claiming that she was theirs. While in this spiritual maze she could hear the Servant of God distantly call her name. This deliverance took a period close to one hour as she lied down unconscious, but the Prophet kept on in prayer.  After a while, Sister Nalubega started hearing the instructions he was giving to the congregants to pray against the Spirit of the dead.

At the closure of the spiritual battle, the ten year suicidal demon was defeated; light had won Sister Nalubega’s soul for Christ. No longer did she ever again feel urge   to commit suicide; for the mighty warrior Christ Jesus was reigning in her spirit. Sister Nalubega Halima says that she no longer falls sick severally. She is now associates with People and is filled with the confidence of the Holy Spirit. She also believes without a shred of doubt that she is favoured by the LORD. 

Glory and honour goes back to the Lord.            

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