I slept with dead men:


I slept with dead men:

Many times we have put the blame on the sun for coming out late, the rain for pouring from morning to noon or on our folks for everything that goes wrong. Little do we consider the costly choices we make, that seriously impact our lives to the extent that we end up being slaves to them.  On this account, Ms. Nantume Hasifah of Masajja, Wakiso District testified for the God of Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso who brought her out of the dungeons of demonic oppression.

She narrated that her life was a living hell; she had never been in any stable relationship for as long as she could remember. Sadly enough, she could not tell the reason why men, who fell deeply in love with her, always dumped her later and irrationally. Ms. Nantume recalled her ex -boyfriend who ran off from their rented house and instructed the landlord to chase her out. Another incident, she met yet another man and this time round they bore a child together but again this relationship did not last. This became her identity – the woman who could not sustain any relationship.

Ms. Nantume expounded that while in this terrible state, she mysteriously contracted severe backaches and stomachaches accompanied by dreadful dreams that haunted her every night. She noted that she could no longer hold it, and became so overwhelmed with sorrow that she could not settle anywhere. All she did was cry and lament every time and in this dire state, she sought for help and she found it.

As Christ says in Matthew 11:28, Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”  Indeed it was Ms. Nantume that this message was meant for. On 5th June 2019, she came to True Vine Communion Ministries for all Nations (TVC) and here she truly found rest in Jesus’ caring hands like none she knew before. While on prayer line, the Spirit of the Sovereign LORD through Evangelist Prossy, under the authority of her father in the LORD Seer Abraham Richard, revealed to her, “I see you attached to the dead”

Ms. Nantume confirmed this revelation to be very true because she was always haunted by dead people every day in her dreams. She explained in many of these terrifying dreams she would dream having sexual intercourse with dead men. Some of them being corpse-dry yet others appeared having maggots dripping out of them.

She added that some of these deceased men in her dreams were her dead relatives who had died ages ago. On top of that, she dreamt severally seeing her boyfriends dead. To prove the truthfulness of the revelation from the Holy Spirit, even the night before, she had dreamt sleeping with her landlord who seemed dead with maggots falling from his belly.

Point to note: No man can know what is hidden behind a fellow man’s situation unless it is the working of the Spirit of God. Prophecy is TVC’s foundation.

The Evangelist then revealed to her the root cause of her problems saying, “This spirit of the dead entered you at a funeral ceremony you attended where you were given ritual food to eat.” Ms. Nantume confirmed this to be the gospel truth for she had eaten a lot of ritual food from the very many funeral ceremonies she attended. True and true, when the Son sets you free you are free indeed; after prayers Ms. Nantume was totally delivered from all demonic oppression and all the terrifying dreams are no more; right now she dreams ripe fruits on  trees.

With this she learnt a great lesson that her blind decision of taking ritual food was as deadly as hell itself noting that any decision not guided by the Holy Spirit is quicksand. Since the LORD reveals to save, today, Ms. Nantume is a free woman and a disciple of Christ. Hallelujah!

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