I see your wedding.


I see your wedding.

Every wedding has a branding; when it came to Mr. and Mrs. Omuha’s wedding, theirs was branded “HOLY SPIRIT.” With vigour and valour of the Holy Spirit, Mrs. Rebecca Omuha of Ttula, Kawempe – Kampala testified for the ever faithful God of Abraham Richard Bisaso; who wrote and directed every part of her wedding.

Mrs. Omuha narrated that, it all sprung out in 2012 when she had an encounter with Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso. Full of the Holy Spirit, the Prophet revealed to her and said, “I see your wedding.” She said that, this revelation made her jump over the moon with excitement, and prompted her to put pressure on her then – fiancé to immediately begin planning for their wedding.

However, she was wrong to force the Word of God, for where God guides He provides; His Word is a hammer that breaks down rocks to pieces. God truly works in mysterious ways for even when He was saying, “wedding,” He was still sorting certain things out to make it merrier and mythical. Two years later, through His spokesman Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso, the Spirit of the Sovereign Lord again revealed to Mrs. Omuha who her real father was. On this, she explained that since her childhood, even her own mother was skeptical who her real father was as she was allegedly claimed by two families to be their daughter. So with the Spirit of truth in the lead, every stone was turned upside down and her real father was allocated courtesy of the Holy Spirit. She added that this saved her from future embarrassments as she would have been walked down the aisle by someone who was not her biological father, not to mention, her ceremony would have been a pile of regrets and disappointments.

She noted that, after the paternal family mystery was solved, everything began gaining momentum. This time around without being forced, her husband pledged that he was to go to her parents for a proper introduction ceremony. Mrs. Omuha recounted that as the introduction ceremony preparations moved in high gear, her husband again prepositioned that he wanted not only an introduction ceremony, but also a big fat wedding for his fiancée thereafter.

Mrs. Omuha classified that it was like a dream coming true when she saw the first set of their wedding invitation cards. She said, this is when she realised that things were real and the revelation from the Prophet of God was coming to pass. She recollected that with gratitude and adoration she got one of the invitation cards and cordially invited the Holy Spirit to be the guest of honour on her wedding. Truly, the Holy Spirit is indeed a “Helper” for He steered every part of her wedding to the last minute.  On this, Mrs. Omuha explained that two weeks prior to the wedding her husband’s car (truck) was stolen. This brought in a lot of discouragements coupled with financial constraints for the truck was her husband’s source of income. In faith and trust, Mrs. Omuha prayed to the LORD to make a way for the truck and with in no time it was found and brought back to work.

Philippians 1:6 says: he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion. True indeed, for God revealed to Mrs. Omuha about her wedding in 2012 and she saw it complete on the 29th of December 2018. Not only did God make the wedding certain but also supplied everything in abundance; hence making it merrier and memorable.


With a sigh, Mrs. Omuha advised the believers to always trust God’s Word given to them for in His commissioned time He will accomplish it and you will live to tell it. Thank you Lord Holy Spirit for the job well done, and for allowing the invitation as the Guest of Honour.

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4 Responses

  1. Glory to the Lord who made it possible. Indeed when He speaks at His appointed time, His Word must be perfected. Glory! Glory! Glory!

  2. Lord God of Abraham Take all the glory & Honor, because your word can never bounce, once it is released, it can’t return voided it must produce the results for which it is purposed hence God of Abraham Richard BISASO is Reliable& Dependable. I am the next.Let’s sing,’Glory Glory Glory to the highest heavens.

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