I see a Ugandan Politician falling dead.


I see a Ugandan Politician falling dead.

The Lord God of hosts says in Numbers 12:6: …When my Prophet is among you, I reveal myself to him in visions… This is so true for it is exactly what happened during a Sunday service on 3rd March 2019 at True Vine Communion Ministries For All Nations.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso revealed about a Ugandan politician who was to die soon. He said: There is a politician going to die. My point is not from which side. My point is they are all our people and we shall not allow it happen.

 Two weeks later with the Holy Ghost fire boiling up in his spirit. The Prophet re-echoed this prophecy during a Sunday service on 17th March 2019. Prophet Abraham Richard said:

Again I saw a politician going to die in our politics. A famous politician is going to die. But whether he/she is of which party God does not support this person to die because they are all His people. I have seen in the spiritual world a politician going to drop dead. But the way of the death will be a mystery. The way it will be plotted will seem a mystery. But it will not be a mystery because we are going to pray against this demon that keeps on killing our people silently.

With that, the Prophet led the believers in the house to pray against this evil spirit that keeps on killing citizens silently: We reject this evil spirit in the name of Jesus. In Jesus’ name we pray.

When God reveals, it is solely to save a soul.  On 24th March 2019, media houses in Uganda come out with breaking news of how Uganda’s state minister for information technology; who is also the Woman Member of Parliament for Kayunga District in central Uganda, Honourable Aidah Erios Nantaba survived a sudden assassination that evening.

According to Superintendant Fred Enanga the Police Spokesman in Uganda, this happened that Sunday evening in Naggojje trading center (Kayunga District) as the Honourable Minister was heading towards Kampala. It is alleged that two assassins riding on a sport motorbike were following the minister’s vehicle with a plot of assassinating her for unknown reasons.

According to reliable sources, these two alleged assassins had been following the Honourable Minister’s vehicle for a given time that the minister and her driver began to get suspicious about them and their motive. In sheer timidity Honourable Nantaba called Naggalama Police station which was a mile or so ahead to report these suspicious riders and to signal for help.

It was then that a police patrol car from Naggalama Police station stampeded onto the scene to provide security to the Kayunga District Women Member of Parliament.  According to eye witnesses, it is said that the moment the police appeared; they began chasing down the suspected assassins, killing one of them at the spot.

As 2 Corinthians 10:5 says: We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God…, no doubt the prayer against mysterious death of politicians made by that the Prophet and the believers at True Vine Communion Ministries For All Nations was effective. For it demolished these evil plots to assassinate Honourable Aidah Erios Nantaba from being killed in cold blood thus saving her. This is certainly the purpose and undeniable power of Revelation, for God reveals to save.

Initially, as Prophet Abraham Richard Bisaso had revealed that this death plot will seem a mystery so it was, because even today no one not even the Police has clear evidence or clarity of who was really behind this failed assassination. No one knows who had sent the alleged biker assassins to go after the Hounarable Minister or who ordered for their execution, while in police custody before they were tried in courts of law. Therefore, we wait.

All in all, we at True Vine Communion Ministries For All Nations do not support such anti- law, anti peace actions. Our stand is always behind the Prince of Peace- Christ Jesus to advocate for peace and justice around the world. For our place is always at the prayer mat; praying for peace and unity like we did on this very occasion. With that we stand in delight to say that; Prophecy is our foundation.

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