“I saw when your going to breakthrough.”


“I saw when your going to breakthrough.”

On Monday 7th June 2016, the Prophet of God Abraham Richard Bisaso prophesied about the Uganda Cranes and said, “Those of you who love football I speak to you in the name of Christ Jesus. It has been a long time whenever Uganda  cranes tries to qualify for Africa cup of Nations you always fail; but in my vision I saw when this time you are going to breakthrough. Just be ready to celebrate; I know this will empower your faith to believe that God speaks to me and that He is with us. Many of us do not know, but God watches Football this why we are talking Football now.”

Amos 3:7; “surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.”   As the prophet of God prophesied, this came to pass after the Uganda Cranes won the decisive game against Comoros on the 4thSeptembr 2016 at Mandela National Stadium in Kampala –Uganda. Indeed God watches foot ball and His word cannot return to Him unless it perfects what it was sent to do.

 In January 2017, the Uganda cranes boarded a plane to Gabon to join the other fifteen teams that were to play in the African cup of nations finals in Gabon .It had taken close to 40 years under the supervision of many foreign and local coaches without the team qualifying. After this prophecy by Seer Abraham Richard Bisaso, God remembered the Uganda Cranes. We give thanks to the Almighty God for the gift of Prophecy upon His servant, for “PROPHECY IS OUR FOUNDATION.”

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