We all love to create memories to reminisce about and pass on to our next generation! This we do, the Lord Almighty does in a superior, majestic, memorable and an impeccable manner through His designated Servants. These precious memories for a Christian are spiritual memories for they will live on forever like the woman of the blood issue in Mark 5:25-34 to build faith in the next generations.

What you are about to read without doubt is a spiritual memory that will leave you in awe and wonder to the Great I am. Miss. Nantamu Vicky for the past seventeen years has been a walking dead lady and a mother.

She narrates that while in primary, she was a bright pupil loved by her teachers but when she reached in primary four, something strange happened. During a science exam, Miss. Vicky fainted and was taken home to recover. Her aunt being distressed rolled her in a mat and waited for the sun to pass over her; she claimed that traditionally, it would bring her back to life.

At exactly 6:00PM [EAT] seventeen years ago, young girl Vicky woke up and greeted her aunt saying; “good morning.” Her aunt laughed and said, finally, you have woken up! From that day, Miss Vicky narrates that there was a great and evil transformation in her life. She became an academic failure. The person who was always among the top five descended to the last three pupils in her class room which was just the beginning. 

For Miss. Nantamu, education ended at primary level and the spirit of dullness took its place in her life fully. Because she loved cooking, she started learning how to cook different dishes and when she became a young adult, she started working in restaurants.

Before long, she met the love of her life but there was something evil fighting her life. She had “an -I don’t care attitude” in everything she was doing making her a constant failure in her spiritual, business and family life. It is by the Grace that her relationship remained because the attitude she portrayed was inhuman.

As she was in the evil slumber going about destroying every blessing before her, the mighty hand of the Lord came to her rescue. Isaiah 54:11: Afflicted city, lashed by storms and not comforted, I will rebuild you with stones of turquoise, your foundations with lapis lazuli.

Like a phoenix rising up from the ashes, at God’s appointed time, He sent forth His Prophet, Abraham Richard Bisaso to bring His Child – Miss. Nantamu Vicky from the dead. During a one on special zoom healing service with Prophet Abraham Richard, the Spirit of God located her and deliverance started.

As the mighty hand of God was pulling Ms. Vicky from that evil slumber, the evil spirit began confessing how it had destroyed her entire life. No matter the evil noise it made, the God of Abraham Richard was ready to rebuild her life again. The spiritual battle waged on and finally, Light overcame all darkness. After deliverance, Miss. Nantamu confessed, “I have entered a new land!”

She was back to her normal self and now an actual living being. She recounts that the I don’t care attitude she was furiously proud of, is long gone. She is now concerned about the four corners of her life [spiritual, financial, family and health] and attends to them accordingly. She is now back to the world of the living!

Glory and honour goes back to the powerful and mighty warrior Christ Jesus who relived this lady from an evil slumber of seventeen years.

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